MYTH Treasure

Excalibur.  Mjoinir.  Aegis. Angurvadal. Sting.

In many myths, legends, and stories the magical weapons and equipment play almost as big a role as the heroes themselves.  In the same way, the items a hero carries is a key part of the stories of Myth.  Although the hero’s abilities will always be the key to the success against the darkness, items become the measure of how successful the hero has been in the past, and what challenges they are ready to face in the future.

Each hero begins with “brown” equipment.  These are two makeshift items the hero has scrounged to begin their careers.  Whether it’s the twig being used as a wand by the apprentice, the fireplace poker and the lid to a pot used by the soldier, these items are adequate to get started, but are nothing compared to proper equipment or magical items.


For example, the archer starts with two items.  The first is a simple sack called an arrow bag, used to collect arrows needed for the archer’s skills.  The second is a stick and some twice, used to create an improvised bow.  This weapon gives the archer a range of 4, and one additional attack die, but is in need of an upgrade.

As heroes accomplish objectives and defeat enemies, they will find treasure along the way.  You will also have opportunities to spend gold with merchants Much of the treasure will come in the form of potions or gold (white treasure cards), but you may be lucky enough to find items to better help the hero complete their story.  Green treasure cards are stronger than starting items giving advantages to heroes, but still only touch the potential of what equipment can do.


New weapons or armor are the most obvious helps to heroes.  For example, finding a longbow, our archer can not only fire at enemies who are farther away (5 range instead of 4), but they are also more accurate (+2 d10 instead of 1).  The longbow also gives the archer more versatility in their tactics (fate ability allows for extra cards in hand.)


However, this isn’t to say that other treasures won’t be a big advantage as well.  Lets take the example of the Mythical Cloak.  Although at first, it might not seem as powerful as the longbow, this item is a great advantage in the hands of an archer.  The extra fate die with each attack means that the archer is more likely to trigger the ability of their primary weapon (making it very handy when paired with the longbow.)  However, the special effect, making cautious moves 2 movement points (squares of movement) instead of 1 is subtle, but strong.  Many of the archers attacks can only be used when not moving or when cautiously moving, while others are penalized by moving quicker.  This cloak gives you maneuverability while at the same time allowing you to attack.


Blue items are even stronger and rarer treasures available.  Our archer can find the endless quiver, not only allowing her to collect 6 arrows at a time (instead of 4), but also making acquiring arrows easier to collect by allowing 1 arrow to be retrieved from discard each turn, and 1 arrow to be played directly from your hand to the quiver each turn (which also frees up one of your play slots by not placing an arrow in it).  Orion’s tears become much more deadly in the hands of an archer able to carry more arrows, and the other abilities of this quiver ensure the archer is much more flexible and deadly.

Even greater items are yet to come in the future of the game, allowing heroes to tackle even greater foes.