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Re: MERCS game
« Reply #15 on: January 10, 2014, 12:09:50 AM »
I'll do a bit of thread necromancy here,....

I really love the concept of the MERCS game,.... And first became aware of it when there was just some art by Keith of one maybe two guys.  The art got such a great response that they got the first two sculpts made,... People were buying them to use with other games like infinity,...

Brian created the rules, and the game was born,... It's unlike almost anything else out there.

It truly is tactical,... The movement by card is neat,... Perhaps only a bit of novelty, but where the game really shines is in the mechanics of the Advanced Combat Manuevers,.... These are Suppression, Overwatch, and Bounding.

All three of these work beautifully.  I've never seen a game reward good tactical gameplay in the way this one does.  The campers almost always lose,... But you can't just run out and rush your opponent either.  Played well, it is an absolutely beautiful game.  Suppression and Overwatch are great, but Bounding and random activation sequence are put together so beautifully. Every faction is different to play,... And they are very well balanced.

It's hard to explain it in a post,... But I love that game!

Also,... If you come from the worlds of WH or 40k, or Warmachine and the like,.. This game is super cheap!