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Unoffical FAQ
« on: March 19, 2014, 11:06:32 AM »
So, there is an Unoffical FAQ on BGG with some official answers. I know not everyone frequents BGG, so I decided to put a copy here.


What's the difference between Story, Act & Chapter Quests and how are they set up?
When starting a game you essentially have a choice of 4 options on how to play.
- Story Quest
- Free Act Quest
- Free Chapter Quests
- Slaughterfield

Story Quest -

If you elect to do a story quest then you can either select the story quest you want to attempt from the rule book, or randomly choose one of the story quest cards and then refer to the appropriate story quest in the rule book for the details.

Each story quest comprises of 3 pre-set Act quests where the configuration of the tiles and specific set-up instructions for each has been pre-set. All Acts of the story quest must be completed in order to receive the rewards for completing the story quest. It’s worth noting though that these three Acts can be split out into three gaming sessions and do not all have to be completed in a single sitting.

When playing an Act of a story quest, there is no need to draw an additional Act quest from the quest deck before starting play. Chapter quests however should still be drawn from the quest deck as and when the tile set-up icons require it.

As with regular play, when the heroes enter a tile during an Act of a story quest, the tile set-up icons are adhered to as normal. However, if the set-up instructions for the story quest act require you to place a lair on a tile, then that lair will count against the number of lairs required by the tile icons. For example if the tile icon indicates that you must have at least 2 lairs on the tile, and you had already placed one as per the quest set-up instructions then you would only need to add one more lair to the tile. The same applies to hunting packs and traps.

Free Act Quest –

If you elect to do a free Act quest, then before the game begins a single Act quest is drawn from the quest deck and this will provide the overall goal for this play session. Some Act quests may contain specific set-up instructions so may require specific tiles or monsters to be used.

Once the Act quest is chosen, the first tile can be placed, either as determined by the Act quest set-up instructions or simply player’s choice. Upon entering the tile, all tile-set-up icons should be followed as normal unless the act quest set-up instructions specifically say otherwise. This includes drawing chapter quests if the tile requires it.

Free Chapter Quests –

This is much the same as above except that no Act quest is selected before the start of the game. Players simply select a starting tile, set it up as per the tile icons (including Chapter quests) and then move tile to tile repeating the process until they wish to conclude their game session. Unlike with playing a free Act quest, there is no overarching goal to a free Chapter quest session, but rather a string of tile specific goals determined by each drawn chapter quest.

Slaughterfield -

Completely separate game mode, independent of the usual quest structure detailed above. It takes place on a single tile and involves battling increasingly difficult waves of enemies in an attempt to see which player can survive the longest.

That said, some slaughterfield-like elements exist as quests where the players must either hold out against or defeat a certain number of waves of enemies to succeed.

What do your heroes/group keep/lose between story quests?
-keep your hero deck. This includes any modifications made through completing story quests or defeating agents.
-keep your earned titles
-keep 1 equipment card per earned title
-keep the ongoing consequences of the any completed or failed quests. This may include befriended allies or hatred from a merchant for example.
-keep content of the treasure bag
-keep the quest deck. This will include any unlocked quest chains.
-lose serendipity and gold

What do you heroes/group keep/lose between acts of a single story quest?
-keep items, gold and serendipity
-if playing multiple acts of a story quest in a single session, at the start of a new act, hero and darkness decks are reshuffled, hero health is reset to its starting value and the darkness AP is reset to zero.

What do your heroes/group keep/lose between free act quests?
-keep your hero deck. This includes any modifications made through completing story quests or defeating agents.
-keep your earned titles
-keep 1 equipment card per earned title
-keep the ongoing consequences of the any completed or failed quests. This may include befriended allies or hatred from a merchant for example.
-keep content of the treasure bag
-keep the quest deck. This will include any unlocked quest chains.
-lose serendipity and gold

Where do heroes start in the first tile? One setup doc mentioned the purple area and one mentions the edge.
Unless the tile set-up insructions for the active quest (if any) state otherwise, all heroes should start along one tile edge.

Do lairs always setup in the purple areas? And do they spawn on setup as the rule book indicates (so a 2p game with a crawler lair would start with 7 crawlers on the board)
Unless the tile set-up insructions for the active quest (if any) state otherwise, lairs should always be set up within the purple area of the tile along with an initial spawn of minions according to the chart on page 41 of the rule book.

When drawing Darkness cards, do spawns only occur if a lair is present? If an event says spawn immediately but no lairs are on he board, nothing happens?
Correct, spawns can only occur from lairs. The exception is if the active quest requires a slaughterfield like set up in which case no lair is required and minions will spawn at tile edges as instructed by the quest instructions.

In the event a slaughterfield scenario is activated during a quest, if there are no lairs on the tile? Where do minions populate during darkness activations?
During a slaughterfield event, darkness cards are not drawn so spawns from darkness cards do not occur. Instead the monsters spawn in waves from each tile edge in quantities and types as listed in the quest instructions. Monsters will still activate as normal during the Darkness cycle however.

Can the same group of heroes re-play Story and chain quests?
Yes, there is no rule against this. Each story title can only be awarded once to each hero however.

On the rewards section of the quest cards there are small white, green, blue and grey circular symbols, some with additional +, - or ? symbols. What are these and what do they mean?
These circular symbols represent treasure tokens. The various colours indicate the various rarities of treasure (white, green, blue) and + & - symbols are instructions to either remove or add a specified number of tokens to the treasure bag.

The grey circle with the ? symbol is instructing you to draw a specified number of random tokens from the treasure bag. You would then take an item card from the corresponding item deck for each of these tokens and finally return the tokens to the treasure bag.

If 2 tiles of the same size are set-up together are they always counted as a combined tile?


When I pick up an treasure, can I equip it straight away?
No you cannot. (Official Megacon Games Response)

When a treasure is picked up it goes into your hero's inventory. The hero can then equip any items from their inventory during the refresh phase.

What is the treasure bag and what is meant by improving the treasure bag through quests?
As to the treasure bag, when you pick up a treasure from the tile you randomly select a token from a bag containing white, green (and later blue) tokens which correspond to the white, green and blue item decks. If you draw a green token from the bag for instance you would take the top card of the green item deck as your treasure. Once you have drawn a token from the treasure bag it should be returned to the bag before the next draw. The only way to permanently remove a token from the bag is via quest rewards.

The contents of this bag is persistent and for your very first game it only contains white and green tokens hence you have no chance of getting one of the powerful blue items. Various quest rewards allow you to manipulate this bag by either adding tokens or removing tokens and so you can improve your odds of getting a better random draw from the bag as you complete more and more quests.

Is there a treasure discard for each treasure deck?
Once a treasure card has been discarded, (i.e. used potion, item sold to vendor etc.) then the discarded card(s) should be shuffled back into their respective treasure decks.

Is Serendipity considered a group resource?
Yes, both Serendipity and gold are considered to be group resources, meaning any serendipity or gold earned are available to all players. (Official Megacon Games Response)

The Staff (green equipment) has both a primary and secondary icon on it. Does this mean it can be used as either or that it is both and takes up both slots?
It means it takes up both slots. If there is a choice, it will have a slash. (Official Megacon Games Response)

Some gear like Thief's Tools (green accessory) says the Hero can use a non-combat action to attack Lairs. When/how do you perform a non-combat action?
The Brigand has two cards that allow him to add dice to "non-combat actions". It means he can use these to attack Lairs. (Official Megacon Games Response)

Quiver (green secondary) says you can load an arrow fro your hand. Meaning you can put it straight in the quiver? Or meaning you can attack with it this turn but if you want it in your quiver for later you have to play it?
Meaning you can put it straight into the quiver. (Official Megacon Games Response)

Can you use a Fate recipe more than once?
Recipes can be used only once. (Official Megacon Games Response)

For items like Horrifying Spear (blue primary) that say "Hit next target in line 1 square away" I'm assuming that's an additional target, not that you have to hit one square away instead of adjacent?
That is correct. An additional you haven't targeted. (Official Megacon Games Response)

Leather of the Lightless (blue clothing) says "Invisible while in Shadows". Does that mean notice checks will automatically fail?
That is correct. Notice checks fail. (Official Megacon Games Response)

Shroud of Xa'ndria (blue accessory) says "Max threat is now 8". Does that mean the Hero can never go above 8 threat and thus could never trigger the threat penalty?
That is correct. (Official Megacon Games Response)

Note however, that certain Darkness events can lower the threat level required to trigger the threat penalty from 10 to 8, so in these cases it would still be possible to trigger the penalty.

When can a potion be used and does it cost a MP to be used?
Heroes can drink potions at any time for free. (Official Megacon Games Response)

Can a hero with a potion elect to use it's effect on another hero?
Not confirmed, but as there are rules for trading items between heroes in the game it seems likely that potions can only be used on heroes who have the item in their inventory.

Can any hero equip any item or are there restrictions?
There are no official restrictions, but it is more about what works best for each hero. For example the Acolyte needs a Relic item equipped in his offhand to cast spells and the Archer needs a Quiver and Bow equipped to perform ranged attacks.


What are non-combat actions and how do I used them to disarm a trap?
A hero can perform a non-combat action by using one movement point. When doing this to disarm a trap, the hero would lose 1 movement point and then roll a single d10 (plus any additional dice given from cards played to boost non-combat actions). If the result of the roll equals or exceeds the TN of the particular trap then the disarm attempt is successful. Note, some traps require multiple successes to completely disarm.

If a trap says you must disarm it 3 times, do you get the reward for disarming it after each successful attempt or only after the third?
Heroes only receive rewards from disarming a trap when it is completely disarmed, so this would be after the third successful attempt in the example above.

If a trap is present on a tile but all monsters have been defeated, is the tile clear?
No, the trap must be disarmed before the tile counts as being cleared.

Why does the Avatar of Winter have 10+ hitpoints? Where does the + come in?
It seems that the + sign is simply there as a reminder that the Avatar's base health can be reduced by 5 points if you can interact with all 4 torches.

Can you give more details as to how the Darkness Falls trap works?
If the heroes are on a tile with the Darkness Falls trap, then at the beginning of the hero cycle one of the players should roll 1 Fate Dice per hero (i.e. 3 heroes, roll 3 dice). If any of the symbols on the dice match the symbol of a hero on the tile then that hero will receive 1 damage and the Darkness AP will go up by 1. Note the same hero cannot be affected multiple times on the same hero cycle, but it is possible for multiple different heroes to be affected and hence the Darkness AP would go up 1 per affected hero. Also note, it does not matter which player rolls the Fate Dice as symbols rolled affect all heroes on the tile, not just the hero controlled by the player rolling the dice.

Once per hero cycle, a hero can attempt to disarm the trap from anywhere on the tile, by discarding one card from their hand. Note, the discarded card is placed in the heroes discard pile and does not need to be played to an empty space on the hero board. Once they have discarded a card the hero is permitted to make a single non-combat action roll (they do not need to also spend 1 movement point to do this).

A result of 7 or more is a success and after three successes the trap is fully disarmed. As result of less than 7 is a failure and the hero making the disarm attempt takes 1 point of damage and increases the Darkness AP by 1 point.

If the Darkness AP reaches 6 before the trap is fully disarmed then the maximum value of the Darkness AP track is immediately reduced by 1 for the rest of the Act. i.e. the Darkness would now activate at 5 AP rather than 6 AP.

Tile Icons
In the rules talking about Gold Hoards, some of the rewards list a treasure token, others list a treasure draw. What's the difference?
This is a typo, both of these should be treasure draws.


Do allies generate threat?
Each ally has a pre-set threat level printed on their card that does not change with attacks.

Do allies generate AP for the darkness when they attack?
Allies do not generate AP when they attack. However allies get to attack less often than heroes as they only activate during the refresh phase.
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Re: Unoffical FAQ
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2014, 11:23:44 AM »

What is the 'Webbed' status affect?
A hero affected by the 'Webbed' status affect cannot move until they discard cards from their hand in order to remove the affect. The number of cards that need to be discarded is listed in the attack that causes this affect.

How do the movement penalties/bonuses on cards work?
There are four different types of movement that your hero can perform each round and each of these corresponds to one of the four symbols on the left side of each hero card. From top to bottom these are:

- No movement
- Cautious movement (heroes normal movement halved and then rounded up)
- Normal movement (heroes base movement plus any modifiers for equipment, buffs etc)
- Agressive movement (any move action that uses the hero cards 'Hustle' or 'Sprint')

Next to the symbols for each movement type on the hero cards is listed a bonus or penalty for playing that card whilst performing each type of movement. For instance an attack card may allow you to roll an extra d10 if you have not moved.

It should be noted, that the penalties and bonuses listed on each card are determined by the hero's overall movement for that whole round, not for the hero's movement up to the point the card is played. For instance, in the example above a hero could not play a card to attack at the start of the round and receive the bonus d10 for not moving if they are then planning to perform any sort of movement later in the round after the attack is complete.

What is the Poison status affect?
The poison status affect is a damage over time and deals the affected hero 1 damage during each refresh phase until the status affect is cleansed.

Are there any special rules for when a tile has been completely cleared of enemies/traps?
Once a tile has been completely cleared of enemies/traps the darkness AP is reset to zero, all heroes threat is reset to zero and the heroes base movement speed is doubled until they enter the next tile. In addition, any treasure tokens that are still present on the current tile that have not been picked up by the heroes are converted to one gold apiece. Note, this does not include treasure tokens left on the Darkness board.

What is the courage stat for and how does it work?
Some monsters (refer to the monster cards to identify these) require the heroes to pass a courage check in order to land a successful attack against them. When a hero is attacking such a creature, he must first commit to his attack by playing the desired card onto his hero board, before rolling to hit however he must roll a single d10 and score equal to or above his courage stat. If he passes then the attack proceeds as normal, if he fails however the attack does not occur and though unsuccessful this still counts as the heroes attack and the card(s) played remain on the player board.

Some monsters also have a courage stat. There are certain titles and gear (unconfirmed) that mean that the monsters have to pass a courage check in order to attack the hero. The method for this test is identical to the above, with failures resulting in missed attacks.

Reading through the rules and had a question about fate dice and the mechanic of their limit one use "recipe" application. If I am unable to score a hit on my target/targets TN (target number) are the fate dice not applicable?
That is correct. Fate dice are basically a resource that is spent if you are successful. There are a few exceptions but the items denote this.

When is a quest completed? For instance if the objective is to pick up an item, is the quest complete as soon as a hero picks up that item?
Quest objectives should be checked during the refresh phase. If the objectives have been met then the quest would be deemed completed at that point.

If the darkness meter is at 5, and I use a 2AP action, where does the darkness meter token end up after the Darkness phase is over? 1? 2?
The answer in this case would be 1. The first AP would take the Darkness from 5 -> 6 and the second from 6 -> 1.

It should be noted that although the darkness track only shows values of 1 to 6, a Darkness AP of 0 is also acceptable. In the example above, if the action had cost 1 AP then the Darkness AP would go from 5 -> 6, triggering a Darkness cycle. At the end of the Darkness cycle, the Darkness AP would be reset to 0 and to show this, the tracking token would simply be placed to the left of the darkness track.

The rules say that in a 2p game, you start with 7 crawlers at a lair when it's first placed. but they don't say what percentage they are of melee vs ranged. Do you simply choose randomly, or is this another opportunity for players to tailor the game as they see fit (can make them all ranged if they want, or none, or what have you)?
You can make it how you want. (Official Megacon Games Response)

I was watching the gameplay videos and I noticed when a soldier was surrounded by 4 crawlers and attacked the crawlers rolled and had 2 successful rolls out of the 4 yet the hero received 2 damage. The crawler card said 1 damage per hit which I would have assumed that since each monster types dice pool is rolled as a single attack would mean he would take 1 wound since the crawler is 1 per hit not 1 per success. Am I interpreting this incorrectly or was the video just off?
A success is a die roll that exceeds the targets TN. For multiple monsters you roll their attacks together for conveniance. Most attacks (from a single source) hit once regardless of the number of successes, and apply the damage of the attack just once. In your case, if you have 4 crawlers who each have one attack which inflicts one damage, you roll 4 dice (one per monster) and take 1 damage for each dice that exceeds the target number of the victim.

If a card can be played as either an action or reaction in what case would you ever choose to play it as an action? If playing a card as a reaction costs the same AP, has the same effect and doesn't limit you from playing a different action card later why wouldn't you choose reaction every time?
The majority of buffs played by heroes only apply to cards played as actions not reactions. For instance, if you chose to play a card as a reaction you would not get the benefit of any bonuses that may be on offer from cards played by your fellow heroes (additional dice, reduced target numbers etc.)

What hapens if you need to spawn minis but have no more (they're all on the board)?
At present there is nothing in the rules to account for this situation. Use of placeholders for the additional missing minis is the current recommendation.

When you finish a quest, and it chains to another, do you resolve that quest in the same tile? Do you do the next chain in the next tile?
You would not immediately attempt the next quest in the chain in the same tile, unless specifically stated in the quest set-up instructions.

You could attempt the next quest in the chain in the next tile entered by the heroes which contained a tile set-up icon for a quest. You could also simply shuffle the quest card for the next step in the chain into the appropriate quest deck and then attempt the quest later when it is drawn from the deck. This could even be several play sessions later.

Is the minimum Darkness AP always 1, given that this is the lowest number on the Darkness AP track?
No, the minimum Darkness AP is 0. To show this on the Darkness board, simply place the AP token to the left of the AP track.

How do the +TN and -TN bonuses/penalties work?
If a TN increases, it makes the target harder to hit. If a TN decreases, the target is easier to hit.

A -2 TN on an enemy would make it so a roll of three is needed to hit instead of a five.
A +2 TN on the party would make the enemy have to roll a nine to hit instead of a seven.

How do inactive minions contribute to darkness AP during the refresh phase?
Short answer, they don't. During the refresh phase, 1 AP is added to the Darkness AP track for each active minion type (orcs, arachnids etc.).

Monsters can be activated only in step 1 of the darkness cycle. At that time, you check monster threat range + hero threat to see if a group must be activated. A group in this case comprises the entire enemy type, such as orcs or arachnids on that tile. For example, if a single grubber was within activation range then all other grubbers and muckers on the tile would be considered activated.

Note : once activated, monsters can never deactivate, so if all monster groups have been activated on a previous darkness cycle, you don't have to check anymore until a new group appears, or you change tile.

During the Refresh phase, regardless of whether there was a darkness cycle or not this round, you add 1 AP per monster race active.

Note: if during a darkness cycle, a hero plays an interrupt card and raises his threat, you don't check if a new group gets active because of that. They can only be activated during step 1 of the darkness cycle.

Do heroes have to clear a tile before they can move on to the next?
No heroes can move onto a new tile at any time, though any monsters on the previous tile would still be considered to be active.

Do heroes heal, reset threat or reset Darkness AP when moving to a new tile once they have cleared the current tile?
Heroes do not heal when entering a new tile, but threat and Darkness AP do reset. (Official Megacon Games Response)

Note: if the heroes have not cleared the current tile then Darkness AP and hero threat is not reset.

Can heroes be healed above their max health?
No. A heroes maximum health is determined by adding their base health (present on their hero token) to any bonuses from equiped items (such as items). This means that it is possible for the heroes maximum health to change during a play session if they should equip an item with bonuses to HP, but it will still be impossible to heal the hero beyond this new maximum value.

What are the merchant and gold hoard tokens used for? Do heroes have to interact with them on a tile when merchants or gold hoards are present on the tile icons?
No, these tokens are simply used in some quests. (Official Megacon Games Response)

If an attack does 2 damage to an enemy and that enemy only has 1 health, would the attacking hero's threat go up by 1 or 2?
The threat would go up by 1. Threat only increases by the amount of actual damage done to enemies, so excess damage is not counted.

Is range measured from the hero's square or the adjacent square?
Starts from the square in front of the Hero. (Official Megacon Games Response)

For the Acolyte, should Faith be considered a spendable resource?
No, when determining how much faith powers a card simply add up the number of cards and items in play on the Acolyte with the Faith keyword and this is your total. Note this also includes and Faith keywords on the actual card played.

If when rolling Fate Dice for a miniboss/boss you have the correct symbols to potentially complete different recipes, how do you decide which to complete?
When checking Fate Dice results against recipes on a monster's card, you should start at the bottom of the card and work up. i.e. start at the bottom most recipe and work upwards, removing dice from the pool for any recipes you have completed.

Do enemies use their attack dice to make notice checks? Or is it just a single d10?
Just one d10.

Is it possible for heroes to be damaged by friendly fire?
It is currently unclear if all of the area of effect attacks performed by heroes also damage other heroes caught in the damage area. However, some cards such as the Apprentice's Blood of Gaia do state that heroes in the target area will suffer damage.

The following is a quote from Megacon Games about how damage is determined in these cases:
"Other players/Heroes are not expecting an attack from an ally. They have no defense. There is no roll to hit. The Heroes takes damage."

In a boss fight against the Terror With 1000 Legs the boss has a FD effect that causes all heroes to become Trampled and knocked Prone. So, in the following Hero Cycle the Heroes would have to spend the entire Activation standing back up, spending no AP. Would they be considered to be Loitering?
Yes, they spent no AP so they would count as loitering and would suffer the loitering penalty.

If the heroes leave choose to leave a tile that still contains enemies (lairs, hunting packs etc) would the tile still be removed from play once all heroes have moved off it?
No, the tile would remain, hunting packs would follow and atack heroes and the lair would continue to spawn during the darkness cycle. (Official Megacon Games Response)

If I'm playing as the Soldier, can I add the bonuses for my equiped weapon and equiped shield items to every attack I make?
No, for the Soldier attacks with the the keyword 'Shield' gain the bonus from the equiped shield only and all other attacks gain the benefit from the equiped weapon only. The exception are any attack cards that specifically state that you can choose which bonus to apply.

The above example for the Soldier also applies to the Acolyte and Apprentice heroes. In these cases any attack cards that state "Range : Weapon" use the bonuses from the main hand item (Hammer, Twig) only, and attack cards that state "Range : X" (where X=1,2,3 etc) then use the bonuses from the off-hand item (Book, Cup) only.

Do all Lairs block line of sight for ranged monsters?
No, lairs that are of the same type as a ranged monster do not block that monsters line of sight. i.e. a Crawler lair would not block line of sight for ranged Crawler minions.

In the gameplay example narrative pdf it says that the Darkness AP is raised by 1 for each active enemy in the refresh phase. Is this correct?
No, this is a typo. The Darkness AP will be raised by 1 for each active enemy type i.e. Orcs, Arachnids etc.

What happens if you combine bonuses from cards to make the target number to hit a particular hero greater than 10? Do attacks from monsters automatically miss?
Yes. If a monster would need a roll of 11+ to hit the hero then even the maximum roll of 10 would count as a miss.

Hero Cards

What is the difference between Dodging and Parrying?
They both behave the same now but will set up different cards in the future. (Official Megacon Games Response)

You are surrounded by enemies and use Circumvent to escape and move two squares away. If you end up still adjacent to one of the enemies that would have attacked previously and also another enemy who was not previously in attack range, would both enemies have an opportunity to attack you?
Yes. (Official Megacon Games Response)

When playing Suicide Run, can I use Shadows Reach to move through enemies and count them in the Run?
No, Shadows Reach allows you to effectively jump 3 spaces away, so you don't have to be able to legally move there using 3 MPs, you just "appear" 3 squares away. As you are not moving through the 3 spaces this would not count towards the Suicide Run.

Suicide Run allows you to play Hustle, do those Hustle movements count as moving aggressively?

Does the Archer card Fools Errand have a duration?
It is removed during the Refresh Phase. It can't be attacked. It may not have the highest Threat, but if it does then they would move to it and do nothing to the Heroes. In the refresh phase it would be removed. (Official Megacon Games Response)

When you complete a story quest and choose to manipulate your hero deck by one card, how does this work?

a. advanced cards replace existing cards, one-for-one
b. advanced cards are simply added to the existing deck
c. either (a) or (b), your choice
d. something else I haven't thought of yet!
Option A, advanced cards replace existing cards, one-for-one.

The exception to this rule is when you earn a card for defeating an Agent. In this case, the Agent card is simply added to your hero deck without the need to replace an existing card.

Does the Apprentice card Leech still count as an attack where the Apprentice must roll D10 and reach a TN to perform the steal? Or is it an automatic hit?
Yes, this is an attack and normal attack rolls apply.

If I use the Apprentice card Leech an a target with only one health, do I still regain two vitality?
No, in this case you would only gain 1 vitality.

There is an Apprentice card that says 'Damage' an enemy rather than 'Attack', do I still need to roll for this attack?
Yes, this is an attack and normal attack rolls apply. (Official Megacon Games Response)


In the Rescue My Daughter quest what do you have to do to remove the web on Lucy?
p. 18 of the rulebook Interact with Objects. Spend 1MP per object. (Official Megacon Games Response)

Darkness Cards

What is meant by the Darkness event condition of 'All heroes are within 5 squares'?
It means that the event is triggered if all the Heroes are within a 5 square area. (Official Megacon Games Response)

On the Terror with 1000 Legs Phase 1 Boss Card, should the ranged attack really have a range of 1?
No this is a typo, the actual range should be 4.
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Re: Unoffical FAQ
« Reply #2 on: March 19, 2014, 11:55:49 AM »
Excellent resource!  Thanks!
I think Duncan looks like a tiny little girl.

But, seriously, my excitement for this game grows with each passing week.  Like a fetus.

What I'm telling you guys is that I'm pregnant with MERCS' baby.  I hope it's a tailless.


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Re: Unoffical FAQ
« Reply #3 on: March 19, 2014, 12:04:54 PM »
No problem!
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Re: Unoffical FAQ
« Reply #4 on: March 19, 2014, 12:52:46 PM »
I actually just bookmarked the BGG thread this morning.  Thanks for redundancies, though, just in case BGG breaks down during a torrid Myth sesh!
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Re: Unoffical FAQ
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I am working on a pdf version of it, this is a first try


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Re: Unoffical FAQ
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Wow, Endevor, that's awesome!
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