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A single and double case loaded with foam designed to store Zombie themed boardgames and 28mm models used for boardgames and wargames.

This kickstarter is developed for gamers who play Zcide or any Zombie themed game as there’s a serious lack of specifc storage options for them and a genuine need for one which I believe gamers and Zombie themed game developers will really appreciate. The trays can also be used for game systems using 28mm models.

single, double, single+double and 2x double case pledge levels for Zombicide, but also:

single, double, and 2x double case pledge levels for generic miniatures!

A review with a lot of pics here:

(scroll to the bottom for a link to a gallery with MYTH miniatures)

Painting / Painting eyes
« on: April 26, 2013, 06:07:07 AM »
as a friend once taught me :)

Quote from: tasoe
My way of doing the eyes is this:

1. Prime the model (obviously)
2. Paint white areas were the eyes seem to be, in most models it's easy to tell, in this one however this was not the case.
3. Paint black around the eyes and trying to create the outline that is to become later. this is the most important step I think and requires the most accuracy. if the eyes are not equal size/same shape, I just repeat the process from step 2 trying to get it right.
4. Paint black inside the eyes in vertical strokes. if the eyes are a different colour, it will cover some part of the outline above and below the eye. Just repeat step three to fix that.
5. Paint the skin colour around the eye, trying to leave a thin black outline. this is also very difficult and requires steady hand and precision.
6. Paint the rest of the face with the skin colour and trying to steer off the eyes because any bad stroke over them will destroy everything.

7 (not in picture). never try to fix or repair anything in the eye area. I always mess it up. Every step has to be perfect otherwise I don't move on to the next one.

I use this method because white is very difficult to cover over black and that's why it has to go first on the figure.
I think the eyes are one of the most important thing on a figure and if they turn out nice, the whole model is very nice as well.

For zombies or other monsters you can also simply paint the eyes red or yellow, with or without a pupil.

Painting / Painting with Quickshade
« on: April 26, 2013, 06:00:31 AM »
Most of you have probably heard of Army Painter's Quickshade. It's a varnish with pigments added to it, that protects your paint and shades your minis. Some love it, some are against it. Pro painters don't need it, but painters with less experience or no time to paint might find it very usefull. My experience is that when applied with care, you get great results. I'll give you some examples so those of you that don't know what this is, can see what it does.

I've painted some zombies from the Mantic box Mhorgoth's Revenge, using the dipping technique (= Army Painter's Quickshade). I speedpainted them, very sloppily, just slapped on the skin colour after basecoating them bone white, then painted on some colour for the clothes, eyes, blood, bones sticking out, the tile base etc. I just threw on the paint, thinned it a bit, so some of the colours would blend (to get a bruised purplish skin on some places). I use acrylic paints from Citadel and a wet palette.
Then I let it dry, and I dipped them in the Quickshade. I brushed off some of the excess dip, and let them dry. The result is actually quite good:

The after pictures were taken when they were still wet, after they dry, it looks a bit lighter. These were my first tries with Quickshade, and after these I decided to apply the dip with a brush. That way you can dose the stuff better, gives you more control. The zombies on the grey tiles were painted afterwards this way:

I've painted them a bit more precisely, and used a small brush to apply the quickshade dip. After letting the models dry for a day, I sprayed them with 3 very quick/thin layers of anti-shine matte varnish spray, which makes the shine go away completely. After that dried, I applied quickshade with a brush again, but only on the bloody parts, to make the blood and gore more shiny and wet-looking. The result is amazing:

As you can see, the zombies on the grey tiles look a bit better than the ones on the brown bases. So dipping completely is good for quick, large armies. Using a brush is better for more detail. Mind you: zombies (and skeletons) are very forgiving to paint, as shown in the first undipped pictures. But with a little practice, you will paint your minis a lot better, and once the basecoats are on, you might add a little highlighting and perhaps some washes, and just a little bit of dip with a brush. It's great for protecting your paintjob!

Introductions / Hello everyone!
« on: April 26, 2013, 04:15:11 AM »

My name on the interwebs is Sjeng, I live in the Netherlands, and I'm a huge miniature enthousiast (read: addict). This is my story:

It all started with HeroQuest, not so long ago (2011). My wife likes cooperative games, and told me she used to play HeroQuest with her 2 older brothers as a kid. That game was lost, but I managed to pick up an overcomplete (!) copy secondhand, along with the D&D fantasy boardgame.  8)
I started learning how to paint minis, and joined a couple of miniature forums (Ye Olde Inn, the Lost and the Damned, Old Scratch). I found I really liked painting the minis, and soon I wanted to expand my HQ game. I already incorporated the D&D boards and minis into the game, and I bought some Warhammer fantasy skaven and ogres. The original HQ expansions are extremely expensive and OOP, so I'm using proxies.  :)

I still wanted more, so I bought a Mantic starters box called Mhorgoth's Revenge, which has an army of dwarves and undead, over 100 very nicely sculpted minis.  :D

...Then I found out about Kickstarter... Just in time for Reaper's Bones KS. Double Vampire + addons.  ;D

...Then Chibi dungeon Adventurers...  ::)

...Then Zombicide, I got Raise the Dead + Fugitive. Splurged way to much on that one. But it's a co-op boardgame, and it has zombies. My wife likes it, I get to paint more, win-win!   8)

I decided to stop backing projects for at least the rest of 2013. (Well, except for geek dice, they were cheap)  :-X

...Then came Myth... I wan't planning on backing it, because I'm drowning in minis to paint. "I'm probably not even going to play the game anyway. But the minis look cool though..." Kept checking the page, saw some awesome stretch goals, started doubting. Then came the minotaur mini-boss and cyclops boss... I caved.  :-[

Hi, my name is Sjeng, and I'm a miniature addict.

Oh, and I recently picked up some Warhammer lizardmen, savage orcs and beastmen at 50% discount. I need help. :P

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