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: Holiday Contest
: MythMaster December 25, 2013, 01:38:25 PM
I bought extra sets of Myth specifically to have prize support, so we could run contests over time.  I want to get our first contest running, even though we don't have the game in our hands yet.    In order to deliver prizes as soon as we can, we are limiting to elements in the base set at this point.

So for our first contest, I want to do a simple "caption this photo".  I was hoping to be able to take holiday Myth photos, but I've gone to plan B, and grabbed a recent MERCS shot from the game. 

1) 1 caption per person, which must be posted in this tread.
2) All captions must be posted by January 15.
3) A survey will go up for people to vote for winners, running for 2 weeks.
4) The caption receiving the most votes will be the winner.
5) The winner will receiver 4 orcs, and 1 orc captain. 
6) Prizes will be shipped after Myth has been received, and will be shipped at Lands of Myth's expense.

Here is the Photo to caption:

Have fun everyone.
: Re: Holiday Contest
: Lexen December 25, 2013, 02:05:39 PM
My precious meatbag!
: Re: Holiday Contest
: chimaerical December 25, 2013, 05:27:25 PM
As the Terror With A Thousand Legs looked over her measly Christmas dinner, she began to reflect on her life. All of her children had grown up and started lairs of their own. They rarely came home for the holidays. As her family had spread, so to had the adventurers spread, losing interest in her quest line in favour of newer content and greater reward.

The Terror was tired. She had been in the monster game longer than any of the others and she was beginning to feel it. Perhaps Yardu was right. Perhaps she should retire and get back to her true passion - knitting. Perhaps she could finally get around to finishing the Deepweb. She chewed thoughtfully on the leg.
: Re: Holiday Contest
: Oileta December 25, 2013, 05:55:49 PM
Oh, now look what I did. I stained the rug! That'll teach me to chew with my mandibles open.
: Re: Holiday Contest
: Warsong December 25, 2013, 06:33:26 PM
I set this lovely table and no one shows up for dinner!
: Re: Holiday Contest
: CarelessOpossum December 25, 2013, 09:13:51 PM
Apprentice; the other red meat.
: Re: Holiday Contest
: Eric the Unready December 25, 2013, 10:11:14 PM
When presenting an Apprentice , does it need a gift bag?
: Re: Holiday Contest
: Surrok December 25, 2013, 10:55:18 PM
Not even the Bumpus hounds could stop this feast.
: Re: Holiday Contest
: Titeman December 25, 2013, 11:14:12 PM
Eeeeeeeeew! RAW Adventurer?!?!?...
: Re: Holiday Contest
: agentofdoom December 25, 2013, 11:22:10 PM young apprentice, I expect you to die!
: Re: Holiday Contest
: Z-Ray December 26, 2013, 01:42:01 AM
Apprentice: It's not just for breakfast anymore.
: Re: Holiday Contest
: Vendriko December 26, 2013, 04:15:23 AM
Terror with a 1000 legs : I am your father
Apprentice : NOOOOO
: Re: Holiday Contest
: Bewulf December 26, 2013, 06:35:15 AM
Onions, celery, herbs ... I think I have everything needed for the stuffing.
: Re: Holiday Contest
: The Voivod December 26, 2013, 06:57:53 AM
So? Leg or breastpiece?
I'm a leg-man myself.
: Re: Holiday Contest
: mezzin December 26, 2013, 01:48:05 PM
So who brought in the bacon. A bit lean, but it will do.
: Re: Holiday Contest
: Dan the Skald December 26, 2013, 03:31:01 PM
'twas the night before Christmas and all through the cavern,
Was filled full of feasting on fresh snacks from the Tavern.
: Re: Holiday Contest
: Patrick, The Researcher December 26, 2013, 03:54:29 PM
Waiter I ordered Acolyte Bisque not Roasted Apprentice. I know you don't expect me to pay for this. This place is only getting half of a star on yelp when I get home.
: Re: Holiday Contest
: Artisan December 26, 2013, 06:00:53 PM
: Re: Holiday Contest
: Deius December 28, 2013, 01:51:46 PM
In retrospect, shouting 'RAID!' may have been biting off more than I could chew...
: Re: Holiday Contest
: Torpedo December 28, 2013, 02:25:30 PM
Nom nom nom!
: Re: Holiday Contest
: Nikodemus December 28, 2013, 03:09:42 PM
Well, it's better than turkey!
: Re: Holiday Contest
: binarysunrise December 28, 2013, 10:48:14 PM
"I've got a thousand legs, and they expect me to eat this with a salad fork??"
: Re: Holiday Contest
: Dahak December 29, 2013, 08:40:35 AM
"Lovely, Full of life. You could be the vessel for my future queen."
: Re: Holiday Contest
: KJGrenadier December 30, 2013, 09:09:09 PM
Seriously, what made them decide to toast the ground he was standing on as well?

: Re: Holiday Contest
: emjohnson January 01, 2014, 04:09:39 AM
The best part about Thanksgiving is the leftover apprentice sandwiches.
: Re: Holiday Contest
: Beefcake January 01, 2014, 04:49:09 AM
I asked for a boiled egg and soldiers not an apprentice appetiser
: Re: Holiday Contest
: B wumpus January 02, 2014, 09:12:35 PM
Upon a sober awakening, the apprentice realized that the long legged beauty he had thought was eyeing him with insatiable desire across the tavern, really WAS.
: Re: Holiday Contest
: MythMaster January 13, 2014, 04:44:46 PM
We are almost to Jan 15.  (I hope that the polling program will take all of these.)
: Re: Holiday Contest
: Madclaw January 14, 2014, 01:55:38 AM
We are almost to Jan 15.  (I hope that the polling program will take all of these.)

If it doesn't you could number each of the entries, and divide them into multiple boards.
: Re: Holiday Contest
: Green Arrow January 14, 2014, 02:24:16 AM
Bali Mangthi Kali Ma.
Shakthi Degi Kali Ma.
Kali ma... Kali ma... Kali ma, shakthi deh!
[Holding heart in claw] Kali ma!!!
: Re: Holiday Contest
: Fade2Gray January 14, 2014, 04:15:28 PM
Apprentice: Wait! You're not my mother!
: Re: Holiday Contest
: MythMaster January 16, 2014, 12:01:47 PM
The poll is now up. 

Everyone can vote for 3 (so that you can vote for your own and 2 others instead of everyone just voting for themselves).  The poll will run exactly 2 weeks.  Results are hidden until the end.

A few of the quotes were too big and I had to add a ... to the end.  You can see the original quote in the thread for these cases if you wish to see the full quote (or even story in some cases).  Formatting also doesn't carry over into the poll.

Anyway, good luck to all who submitted.
: Re: Holiday Contest
: Artisan January 16, 2014, 01:24:53 PM
"If it doesn't you could number each of the entries, and divide them into multiple boards."

Oh, that one's a classic!
: Re: Holiday Contest
: binarysunrise January 16, 2014, 03:40:57 PM
Did you vote for that one too? :)
: Re: Holiday Contest
: Artisan January 16, 2014, 05:13:39 PM
Of course I did!  I'm a sucker for typos.  Is it 2015 yet?
: Re: Holiday Contest
: binarysunrise January 31, 2014, 11:21:17 AM
a tie?
: Re: Holiday Contest
: Artisan January 31, 2014, 11:44:01 AM
Nice!  I tied for second!  Didn't expect that, honestly.
: Re: Holiday Contest
: agentofdoom January 31, 2014, 11:48:17 AM
Nice!  I tied for second!  Didn't expect that, honestly.

So do you want the legs or the arms of the Orc Captain?  or do we split him vertically instead?  :P
: Re: Holiday Contest
: Artisan January 31, 2014, 01:10:16 PM
I didn't think 2nd place got anything.  The two 1st place winners will have to split.  I'm not in the running for prizes, but still, thanks for the votes, y'all!
: Re: Holiday Contest
: agentofdoom January 31, 2014, 01:47:03 PM
I guess I should have looked at who submitted what.  :(
…assuming and all that.
: Re: Holiday Contest
: Green Arrow January 31, 2014, 05:52:09 PM
Congratulations to the winners!
: Re: Holiday Contest
: Beefcake February 02, 2014, 04:26:31 AM
Argh, missed out on voting! I think I would have voted for the winner though. Congrats everyone. :)
: Re: Holiday Contest
: MythMaster March 10, 2014, 01:53:45 PM
With Myth shipping this week, I should be hopefully getting prizes shipped soon after.
: Re: Holiday Contest
: MythMaster April 13, 2014, 09:12:32 AM
First, I want to apologize for not shipping prizes yet.  I haven't forgotten, I assure you.  I'm simply waiting on the rest of my myth boxes to arrive.  I planned to crack open one to grab the minis out of it.  With 4 boxes either not shipped or lost in transit, my prize pool hasn't arrived yet for the site.  I thought this would be resolved weeks ago, but no luck so far.