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: Another new one
: The Otacon January 30, 2014, 05:29:39 AM
Stumbling across Myth on BGG, I finally registered for this forum. Hello to all the mythified folks out there. I'm Marc from Germany, I missed the KS and now I am eagerly awaiting the german release of Myth.

Just a few words, why I hope Myth will be the "One Fantasy-Coop to rule them all". Two years ago I finally managed to get my wife into some heavier board-gaming stuff. The problem was, that she kept loosing against me  ;D and I started looking for Coop-Games, since we've had a nice time with Rainer Knizias "Lord of the rings" back in the early '00s. So here are the games I tried and the reason I am still looking for other games:

- Mage Knight: nice mechanics but not much teamwork in it, you're not allowed to trade, you block other players movement,...

- Legends of Andor: We love the artwork and the game mechanic and storytelling aspect is fine, but the characters doesn't differentiate enough (the wizard can modify a dice roll - that simply doesn't feel like being a wizard) and there is no character progression at all
- Wrath of Ashardolon (DnD Board Game): here it is the other way around, the characters are ok but the artwork ... shouldn't be called "artwork" at all. But we really liked the minis.

- Gears of War: is a really nice game but didn't fit to our thematic taste

- A few other ones, which are kind of ok as a light filler: Witch of Salem, Forbidden Island

Enter Myth

From what I've seen so far, everything just seems a perfect match: the minis, the complexity, the artwork, the characters. There must be a snag in it. Where is it?

: Re: Another new one
: thetang22 January 30, 2014, 08:25:10 AM
Welcome to the forum.  Like you, I've been in search for the "right" adventure game for many years.

A few years back, I thought Super Dungeon Explore was going to scratch that itch.  It had a lot of positive things going for it, but it lacked any progression between sessions.  Every session you played was a 1-off, like hitting the reset button every time you played.  The developers hinted from the very beginning that a campaign was in the works....which was part of what kept me staying around for so long, just waiting for that special announcement.  3 1/2 years later, a campaign system is still on the back-burner.

In the meantime,  the Myth Kickstarter happens and appears to be doing a lot of the things (and MORE) that I was waiting around for with Super Dungeon Explore.  By the time campaign rules would come out for SDE, I don't know if I'd really care anymore, because Myth seems like it's going to fulfill that desire.
: Re: Another new one
: LaserJudas February 02, 2014, 05:23:49 PM
The Pathfinder card game satisfies my co-op needs as well as my desire to see character growth.
: Re: Another new one
: thetang22 February 02, 2014, 06:05:27 PM
The Pathfinder card game satisfies my co-op needs as well as my desire to see character growth.

I had been looking at that quite a bit a couple weeks ago.  I heard that it was fun for about the first 10 or so sessions, but after a point, every game feels very "same'y".....with each game having pretty much the same goal as the previous, only with new coat of paint.  I started noticing that in the gameplay videos I was watching.  It still looks like it may be fun, but that criticism did seem to be valid.
: Re: Another new one
: LaserJudas February 02, 2014, 07:36:49 PM
It's a perfectly valid criticism.
: Re: Another new one
: The Otacon February 03, 2014, 03:44:57 AM
Thanks for the suggestion LaserJudas. The Pathfinder card game is also on my watchlist (same for LotR card game), but shortly before I decided to give it a try, I stumbled across Myth - and here I am. The main reason for my hesitation up to now, is the fact that it is a card game - I simply love pushing around stuff on a board too much.
: Re: Another new one
: Yamato February 03, 2014, 11:30:02 AM
I totally agree about card games,.....  I did AGOT for a bit,.... only because I was into the content,... books, TV, etc.

Card games, have so many options,... unless you are living in that world, it is hard to get good,.. too easy to miss things.

and the Meta-game of building your deck could soak up hours as well.  Some of these boxed card games have some fun,.... but the expansions add so much depth, that it is a bit too much for me,....

MYTH is big for me because I came back to board gaming through miniatures gaming.  I love the tactical aspect of where to move,... and the spacial aspect of that,.... the cards add to that vs. being the whole game.

and the progression of your deck is slow,... one decision at a time,.... plenty of time to become more and more comfortable with how things interact,...

I hope that it delivers,..... so far,.. it looks fantastic!
: Re: Another new one
: Natasjaad January 15, 2019, 10:06:48 PM
Enjoy reading the articles already written down, stuffed with content.