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: Rules issues and the scope of Myth. (Not a flaming post)
: DoberFrann April 12, 2014, 04:39:03 AM
Hi people,

I read some of the posts about the rule issues and such, and read very few posts on BGG, and I have a question:

"Do you know any game with the scope of Myth that didn't have rules issues and/or took an extensive time to iron things out?"

It's a genuine question.

Unfortunately I can read the rules, and hear the complaints but cannot see how "bad" the rulebook is until I get my copy next month - hopefully.

Last post I read of BGG is about this person that had only 5 hours a month to spend to play some board games, but I thought, is people thinking that are they play just a board game? Because to me is more like playing D&D in a way. When I played Euphoria (a KS board game) took me half an hour to set up, the game can go over an hour long playing in two people, and it can be played with 4, and I have been using custom rules to simplify and shorten the game on purpose. Myth campaign can be about 6 hours long.

Now, that board game is very straight forward because is a board game, but Myth has so much stuff going on, heroes play differently, monsters play differently, the scope of a quest is different every time. I'd understand that some stuff is hard to get right the first time, and some other stuff may a be unclear in the rule book. But, I thought it is obvious that it require investing some time.

- I was not sure whether to post this or not due to the sensitive topic and the fact that is a beaten dead horse, please take my words with a grain of salt -
: Re: Rules issues and the scope of Myth. (Not a flaming post)
: MythMaster April 12, 2014, 07:35:25 AM
I can't think of any "board game" with this scope, so it's hard to compare.  I agree it kind of crosses the line with RPG's.  I'd say the closest comparison I've had was warhammer quest, which had FAR more rules issues than Myth.  Myth's rules issues are mainly items where the rules exist, and have been used before, but the production of the rulebook missed some things. That is easily fixed via reprint or FAQ.  Warhammer quest was plagued by terrible balance problems that rendered the game almost unplayable over time, and rules holes that were never resolved.
: Re: Rules issues and the scope of Myth. (Not a flaming post)
: Warsong April 12, 2014, 11:27:30 AM
have to agree with mythmaster. the only game that can compare is warhammer quest and that game had a ton of rules. Do not know what balance problems myth master is tallking about.  I ran a party (4) of heroes over 3 years playing time ( played about once a month) party finally broke up after getting stomped at level 9 (max level was 10) with the death of 2 of the party members.  Then real life issues came up and we never started a new party.

But I do agree that if people thought this was going to be an 1-2 hour game, they were under the wrong impression. personally I think you really need a good 4 hour block for each session.  At least that what I am asking from my group.
: Re: Rules issues and the scope of Myth. (Not a flaming post)
: zenile April 14, 2014, 09:57:32 PM
Agree with experience so far is that you need at least 4 hours to play this game. My last 2 sessions, I've had to leave the board in tact and return the next night. I think it will get faster as I learn the rules, but don't see this ever becoming a 2 hour game for me.
: Re: Rules issues and the scope of Myth. (Not a flaming post)
: Granite26 April 14, 2014, 10:03:31 PM
I played a set in just under 2 hours, but it did feel a little short... two tiles.  (See the walkthrough below).  It's definitely a game that rewards longer sessions
: Re: Rules issues and the scope of Myth. (Not a flaming post)
: Tott_Donetta April 15, 2014, 04:47:16 AM
i think a lot of us will remember heroquest (plenty of us are here because of it) that was designed to be pretty simple and 25 years later people are still ironing out the rules! I played that many a time and the relatively short quests in that still took 1 - 2 hours if not more. set-up time with any game that has a lot of different cards, mini's, tiles etc will never be quick. i paid into the KS on the assumption that this was the case, surprised any one could think a game with this much in it would be quicker than a few hours.
: Re: Rules issues and the scope of Myth. (Not a flaming post)
: Madclaw April 15, 2014, 10:51:03 AM
I think there are a number of games that relate to this in scope, just look at Twilight Imperium and Eclipse. Those are games in which 6 hours is short, and the rules on those are incredibly dense. I remember hearing people complain a lot about both until they had a few games under their belt. Further more, has anyone taken the time to look at the amount of Errata and the length of the FAQ for Descent 1? It's 20 pages in the least, and that's not adding in any of the expansions. I will say, that the 120 minutes playtime that is listed on the box is an underestimation of the time. Once people learn the game and get it down  solid longer games can be completed in 4 hours. My little brother and I finished Act 3 of No Rest for the Weary in 4 hours. I was running two characters and we had two lairs on the 6x6.