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: Module Design and Writer Guidelines
: MythMaster April 02, 2015, 10:33:51 AM
First thoughts on module design (nothing set in stone):
1) All modules will be "published" in PDF format for easy download and use.
2) All modules will consist of 3 tiles, and should consist of an Act with a complete subplot that may or may not be part of a larger story plot.
3) For season 0, use core box materials only to make it easy for anyone with the game to pick up the module and play.
  3A - Monsters - Grubbers, Muckers, Crawlers, Stalkers, Yardu, Terror with 10,000 legs  (We'll likely avoid use of Yardu in all season 0 materials)
4) Format
  4A) Story Background
  4B) Module Summary
  4C) Scenario Rules
    4C1) Special Rules
    4C2) Victory Conditions/text
    4C3) Defeat Conditions/text
  4D) Tile 1, 2, 3 (Repeat for each)
    4D1) Tile Story
    4D2) Tile Setup
    4D3) Special Tile Rules
 5) Try to limit to 2 pages printed (maybe 3 is more realistic, especially if we need to use maps.)

: Re: Module Design and Writer Guidelines
: Granite26 April 02, 2015, 10:43:54 AM
Look at getting a standard set of icons together in developing the setup.

I'd think (recommend?) using Yardu with an alternate monster card as the MB... The game still spawns MBs on you, from time to time.  He'll prolly be present on any / all 3rd act tiles, too because the terror is... a bit much.

Also, rules for alternate special characters.  You shouldn't allow full factions, but custom agents/MBs are likely to come up.  How to post them?  Required a publicly available mini recommendation?  (i.e. something from Reaper?)  You COULD require that they be something like the alt gens.

Rules for using KS exclusive stuff?  The heroes are probably fine (balancing issue?) but will the Razorfiend ever be allowable?
: Re: Module Design and Writer Guidelines
: MythMaster April 02, 2015, 11:07:30 AM
My thoughts were for "season 0" which I see as basically the pilot, that we should stay away from agents, KS stuff, etc.  Basically the first 6 quests being contained to stuff in the boxed set.

Once we see how season 0 goes, then I could see starting to expand things gradually.  Balancing out using the wide array of materials and balancing it with "what would a brand new group of players who just bought the box need to do to play this" is key.  If we try to put out 2 story arcs (3 quests/modules each) and focus one closer to the core game, and 1 with adding in more interesting concepts and components, I think we can keep interest on both sides.  I'd like to keep the first 2 arcs at base level however so that it sets a bit of foundation.

Here is an example, not anything set in stone. (Assume 1 quest out per month)
Season 0: 2 story arcs for core boxed set
Season 1: 1 story arc for core boxed set
               1 advanced arc (Add Keesi & OG, Add Orneas, Add Undead minions/captains)

So at the end of 1 year, we'd have 9 quests built for anyone with the core box, and 3 quests that are built using some additional components.  It gives a little bit of a step up so that new players who want to play all the content will know what pieces to add in order to continue.

Season 2: 1 story arch for the core boxed set
               1 advanced story arch adding in Razorfiend and rat minions/captains
Season 3: 1 story for the core boxed set + undead minions/captains
               1 advanced story arch adding Agents and Bones

So by the end of year 2, 4 races are used for advanced quest building, 3 bosses available, 3 minibosses, and 3 agents.  For the "core box" group, by the end of the second year, we up the expectation a little by adding undead into the mix.

Now, I don't know if the pace is right here.  I certainly would like to introduce elements a little faster, but with only 1 quest per month (which is my assumed pace) we'd have limited opportunities to introduce these elements, so I don't think it will be a problem. 

On the other side of things, each module will have the ability to create special rules like alternate stat blocks for a monster.  I definitely could see alternate undead-giants used up until the undead race gets introduced.
: Re: Module Design and Writer Guidelines
: thesigma April 02, 2015, 11:39:36 AM
Looking good so far. I'd like to offer up my story quest submission from the BGG contest as something available to be used so that we don't have to start from scratch writing something if we don't want to. It's short (only 3 combined tiles) although written assuming heroes are at the advanced end of novice (although one person who played it was able to complete it at basic level).

Link here: (
: Re: Module Design and Writer Guidelines
: MythMaster April 02, 2015, 09:19:24 PM
Thanks.  We'll definitely be looking for quests as we get things going.  stuff already written is a bonus.
: Re: Module Design and Writer Guidelines
: Yamato April 05, 2015, 09:32:12 AM
I really like the idea of staggering the content roll out.  My only suggestion would be to avoid KS exclusive stuff like Kessi and Og, Razorfiend, etc.

an I think the initial expansions could be limited to Orcneas, and then the undead and Bones,... as these have been readily available in the retail environment through distributors and via OLGS.

There should be sufficient content to build upon (especially with custom monster stats, etc) for some time,.... and the Huranii module looks like one that might actually be available sooner than later.

I'd say a good guide for when to add new monster types would be their general availability to the general gamer (not just a KS backer)

One other consideration is when to allow the inclusion of Expansion Tiles #1 and Expansion Items #1.  These could easily fit into your Season 1 framework,.... but could also be delayed until "Season 2",...... again, like the monsters above,... these are both things that are generally available in several channels (Supplemental Tiles #1 as well),..... it would also be easy enough to stagger the inclusion of these things over several seasons as well.
: Re: Module Design and Writer Guidelines
: MythMaster April 06, 2015, 01:15:50 AM
Another option is to "tier" adventures based on content. 

A - Only uses content from the core box
B - Only uses content from the core box, or content that has been available via retail for at least 1 year
C - Only uses content available via retail (including new releases)
D - Uses kickstarter exclusive material
E - Uses non-myth content (like miniatures from other lines)

Not sure if I would ever want us getting into E.  There is plenty to deal with in A to D.  I would also want to weight more towards the A end than the D end, possibly relegating the D end for special con style adventures.  Not sure B & C would make sense for ratings...all C would become B after a year.

I think if we put out 13 modules in the first year, 9 would likely be A, 3 B's, and one special con D adventure.  Year 2 might shift to something like 6 A, 3 B, 3 C and a special C.
: Re: Module Design and Writer Guidelines
: Granite26 April 06, 2015, 10:04:38 AM
I think you're being too hard on non myth content, especially for 1-of NPCs or bosses... (since you can really just use any appropriate mini for this).

Race types, yeah... that can get ugly fast... I'd agree for disallowing that.


I'm not sure about the B-C differentiation.  I'd cut out C altogether and change B to 3-6 months AND ALSO currently available from the Mercs store.  Anything out of print, KS, or so new people haven't really had the chance to get it and review it, can go in D.
: Re: Module Design and Writer Guidelines
: Madclaw May 13, 2015, 06:47:18 PM
I think we could also potentially use scans for the Expansion Tiles as images in the PDF. If they didn't have them we could include instructions for how to print them off.

As for Item Expansion #2 we can use a system where at the end of each module each player receives a certificate or chronicle or whatever we'd like to call it and on the cert will list which items they can purchase with the abilities and stats listed. This will make it so players don't have to have the cards and we can make our own items. It will also allow us to control and keep track of what items players have. I have an example of what I based this off of below.