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Fan Created Content / What if...
« on: May 15, 2014, 12:51:11 PM »
Overall, I am a Myth fan. Obviously so, or I would not invest so much time thinking about it, making things for it, and reading/checking sites about it several times a day.

I love the deck-based class system. I love how differently each class plays due to this. It's hard to go back to games to where the only difference between a ranger and a warrior is that the ranger can roll dice from further away.

I love that is is fully co-op most of all. I get tired of playing the DM.

I like the way the darkness triggers, I like the overall flow of the game.

I love the items and fate die recipes.

I like the traps.

I like the way the game plays, more or less.

That being said, there are things that I do not like about it.

I don't like the repetitive nature of the game. (kill lairs or slaughter field)

The freeform quest system is ok, but I often find myself groaning when I draw particular quests, and I often times go with trap when I have a choice.

I don't like the treasure pop rules (kill 3 in one shot), 6 per tile, etc.

I don't like the zero to sixty loot system - I had several blues by the second round of a story quest.  I'd like much more gradual progression that I don't have to give back.

I don't like the character advancement system - hours and hours for extra cards, or the ability to keep an item.

I don't like character elimination during a quest if you don't have serendipity.

I don't like how most of our adventures turn into 3-4 hour runs just to knock out a few tiles.

So, here comes the "what if" part -

What if there was a campaign spelled out in .pdf form. Similar to the story quests, but in much more detail on how to particularly set things up.

What if each quest had unique elements spelled out on it's page.  Unique traps, perhaps a captain spawns at a certain point with unique stats, etc. Objectives other than killing.

What if each chapter of the campaign spelled out the rewards at the end, rather than using the on-tile system for treasures and coins.

What if item progression was much slower - you may only get a couple white deck draws reward for the first few chapters. Maybe you start getting a green item draws after a few.

What if you got to keep items as you progressed. Gold was kept, potions, etc.

What if there was an experience system. You might get 1 exp for completing a quest.  Exp is used to buy titles, your 5 extra cards, perhaps traits, maybe some other things?

What if the quests could occasionally be brutal , but...

What if there was a way for players to revive other players through a non-combat action rather than serendipity.

What if completion of quest meant rewards and moving on, but failure just meant that you had to replay said quest.

What if the chapters were tuned to be played in the 30m-1h range for the most part (sometimes one tile), with perhaps a larger finale at the end of the Act.

Would there be any interest in such a thing?  This has been rolling around in my head for some time now, but with the time investment involved, there really needs to be more people looking for such a thing to make it worthwhile - not to mention that I would need help in coming up with some quests, play testing, etc.

Fan Created Content / Custom Hero Class: Cursed
« on: May 13, 2014, 02:02:08 PM »
The "concept" behind the brawler is nearing completion and it is in the testing/tweaking stages, so I thought I would put the next class I'm working on up.

Ever since I saw the fate dice, and how each Hero was attuned to a certain Fate, I thought to myself - there needs to be a darkness attuned Anti-Hero.

Story behind it, blah blah:  Denizens of the Darkness have been known to carry/covet a specific type of crystal. They have even adorned some of their weaponry with it.  Since the Darkness carry it, and it is ice cold to the touch, it has been considered cursed, and others dare not touch it.  Our Hero however, was intrigued, and began experimenting with a shard of this crystal in the hopes that he would find answers to the Darkness menace.  In time, be began to unlock it's terrible power, and it's connection to the darkness itself.  Too late, he realized that he was being consumed by it. Attempts to rid himself of the shard resulted in nausea and maddening thoughts.  The village Healer turned him away, declaring him cursed.  Soon, word would spread and the villagers would see him burned.  He gathered his things and left immediately. 

He would go and join with the Adventurers who fight against the darkness to find his answers.  They would be unlikely to judge him for his... condition... if he could prove himself in battle. Of course, he would need his new-found powers to do that.

That was hastily written, but that is how I'm going to spin the character.

He is going to be a hybrid melee and spellcaster.  He can go in with a 1h and an offhand, or a 2h.  The 2h option is going to be slightly more powerful, but will limit his ability to attack at range in some cases.

After the Brawler, I want this one to be a utility class that can augment enemies/other heroes. It will have its attacks as well.

Class Mechanic:  Darkness

Whenever the Cursed rolls fate die, any darkness symbols not used for fate die recipes can be absorbed into the items he carries.  There will be other ways to gain darkness as well, spelled out on the items.

There will be 1h weapons, 2h weapons, and offhand items.  Other classes can use these - they haven't been delving into the crystals secrets and are not cursed/attuned to them. They can not store darkness charges, however.  Similarly, the Cursed will be able to use a darkness 1h, and a normal shield from the item deck, or vise versa.

Each item has a max number of charges that it can absorb and hold.  Charges can be spent at instant speed, at any time (like potions) to amplify or power skills.  Charges used on actions (attacks, etc) apply to the action.  Charges spent on Ongoing abilities apply until the start of the next Heroic Cycle.  Some skills will have a maximum number of times that you can pump it up with charges.

Ongoing: Aura

Listed as Aura and number - an ongoing effect that applies to things within the auras range (the number).. Aura 1 would mean anything within one square of the Hero (adjacent). Aura 2 is within 2 squares, etc.  Auras move with, and are centered on the hero.

The area in purple is the darkness pump ability. Number of symbols = number of darkness charges used.

Unholy strength can be increased in range until the next HC for each darkness spent.

Infuse heals more for each pair of darkness spent.

Number at the bottom is the max charges the item can hold. Absorb means to claim a darkness die for a charge from your own attack rolls.

Early on, but thar be the general idea.

General Discussion / Myth Sleeves For Sale
« on: April 28, 2014, 09:11:33 AM »
Sale Pending.


Fan Created Content / Custom Hero Class: Brawler
« on: April 26, 2014, 12:15:31 PM »
The Brawler

A melee fighter that specializes in hand-to-hand combat using fist weapons, as well as kicks, and strength based moves. It is mobile, and has the potential for versatility via it's Chain Attack system.

Brawler's Base 25-Card Deck

Fist Weapons Needed to Play Brawler

Hero Stats:

Similar to other classes; however the Brawler is adept at weaponless fighting. Therefore, it starts with a base of 2d10.

Class Mechanic:  Chain Attacks

This icon indicates that the card is eligible to be part of a Chain Attack.

It is found in this location on cards:

The Symbols relate to the following attack types:

O = Opener
L  = Link
F  = Finisher

Symbols in black are the types that a particular card is eligible for. Faded out symbols are not types that the card is eligible for, yet they are present to represent the flow of an Attack chain.  In the above example, Lunge is eligible to be an Opener, or a Link.

When you begin to chain attacks, each step in the chain makes the card played before it a Reaction if it were an Action.  Only the last card played in a chain is considered an Action - therefore, any abilities that modify attack actions only affect the final card in your chain.

Chain attacks are played continuously until finished.  Once started, you play through until the final attack in the chain is resolved.  If the darkness would be triggered via AP usage mid-chain, you finish the entire attack chain, trigger the darkness, and any excess AP caused by your chain is applied after the Darkness AP is reset to zero.
(If the Darkness AP was at 5, and your chain was 2AP, the Darkness would trigger when the chain is completed, the Darkness AP would reset to zero, then move to 1 AP)

Every card can be played as a singular actions.
Openers can be followed by Finishers.
Links may only be used between an opener and a Finisher.

Here is a diagram of eligible attacks:


Link attacks are what make the Brawler class tick.  Although capable of single card attacks, or chains of Opener > Finisher, the Links are what make the Brawler efficient.

Most cards will grant a bonus when played as a link - oftentimes this will be a lower AP cost.
Link cards are played on top of opener cards - this basically frees up one Action slot as a -1 Threat sink during the refresh phase.
In many cases, these two bonuses together make the Link a "free" attack for the Brawler.

This picture shows how an Opener > Link > Finisher Attack Chain would be played on the hero board.

Breakdown of a Chain attack:

As stated above, only the last card played in an Attack Chain is considered an Action. Cards added to a chain make the previous card a reaction.

Opener > Finisher would be Reaction > Action
Opener > Link > Finisher would be Reaction > Reaction > Action.
Abilities that affect Attack Actions only affect the last card played in an Attack Chain.

Cards in an attack chain are resolved before the next card is Added to the chain.

For the purpose of popping treasure, the entire attack chain is considered 1 attack.

For the purpose of Fate Recipes, the entire attack chain is considered 1 attack (cannot use the same fate recipe twice in one chain).

Your base of 2 movement points may be used before the chain, after the chain, or at any point between resolved cards in a chain.

MP1 > Jab > MP1 > Lunge > Hammer would be an example of eligible movement.

Attack Types:

Punch - Uses the base 2d10, plus dice on equipped fist weapon. Punch attacks require use of Fist weapons/bare hands.
Kick - Uses the base 2d10. Kicks will oftentimes have an extra 1d10 on one of the movement types. Does not get a bonus from, nor can they use the fate recipes from equipped weapons.
Force - Uses the base 2d10. Does not get a bonus from, nor can they use the fate recipes from equipped weapons.  Force moves are generally feats of strength, or attacks that do not specifically involve the hands or legs.

When an attack is labeled as a Punch, and you have a Fist Weapon in your mainhand and offhand, you may choose which to use for the attack.  Fate recipes can only be triggered 1x per chain, however, so keep this in mind if using the same weapon multiple times in a chain.


Ongoing effects that generally give benefits to a style of play, or a particular type of attack. You may only have one Style active at any one time. You may clear them freely. When a Style is played and you have one active already, the old Style is discarded.


Keyword on some cards. If your character's total spaces moved is equal to or greater than the Momentum number at the time the attack roll is made, the bonus listed is applied to the card being played.

Fist Weapons:

Needed for Punch Attacks.  Some fist weapons are listed as mainhand (weapon icon), some are offhand (shield icon). When using a punch attack, you choose which weapon to use for that attack.
Mainhand weapons are generally more offensive, offhand typically offer a passive bonus.

The fist weapons may be used by other classes, but may be weaker than what is available to them - they are generally a 1d10 behind comparable swords, etc. (since the brawler has a 2d10 base, he is going to be more efficient at using fist weapons).  Offhand fist weapons may be equipped by other classes as well. They may not be able to use them to attack, but they can benefit from the passive bonus. 

Currently, as Archer needs the quiver, Apprentice Focus, and Acolyte Relic, and Soldier Shield, the Brigand may be the only class interested in using an offhand Fist Weapon.


Can you use cards just for movement?

Lunge, Hammer, yes.  Shoulder Charge can be used to Move 3 squares in a straight line that contain no enemies.

Can you use the skills without using the movement?

You can use Hustle without using the extra MP. It still makes your movement aggressive. Lunge, Hammer, and Shoulder charge require the movement to be eligible for the bonus or attack. This is both for thematic reasons, as well as making positioning/choosing your moves a bit more interesting.

Do Sweep and Haymaker hit the exact squares pictured?

The card only shows the required pattern. The Brawler will turn/position himself as needed for maximum effect.  You only need to pick 2 squares that are orthogonally adjacent to you and diagonally adjacent to each other -- you can attack the North and East squares, the South and West, The South and East, or the North and West. But not North and South, or East and West.

More to follow.

Painting / Fate Dice
« on: March 31, 2014, 12:39:12 AM »
One of the only component disappointments that I had upon opening the box were the fate dice.  I suppose that having every icon one color is to expected now that I think about it -- I don't recall any multi-colored dice offhand -- but I had come to associate the icons with colors as well.

I slopped some paint on them, then rubbed it off of the flat face once the paint was nearly dry.  I repeated the process with a clear sealant afterwards. I suppose only time will tell if they hold up to shaking and rolling, but I'm much happier with the colors.

Other Kickstarters (Completed) / Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King
« on: March 18, 2014, 01:57:27 AM »
SDE: Forgotten King

Forgotten King, our third expansion, is an exciting new starting point for playing games of Super Dungeon Explore with your friends. This Kickstarter is Soda Pop Miniatures first self-published Super Dungeon product. Its purpose is to deliver an enhanced game experience that updates gameplay for veteran players, while providing a perfect entry point for new players.

Forgotten King is a stand-alone board game that includes everything you need to play your games of Super Dungeon Explore, including: a complete and updated rulebook, 51 preassembled miniatures, 6 beautifully illustrated double-sided dungeon tiles, counters, and game cards.

If you are already a fan of Super Dungeon Explore, Forgotten King is fully backwards compatible with your existing models and game cards. Forgotten King includes a short errata detailing any necessary changes you need to take into account. However, for the completionist all backers will receive three upgrade card packs that include current errata, rebalanced monsters, and Arcade cards for cooperative play.

Forgotten King features two game modes: Classic and Arcade.

In Classic Mode, one player assumes the role of the Dark Consul and opposes the other players. As the Consul they control all of the monsters in the dungeon, attempting to defeat the Heroes and bring darkness to Crystalia.

In Arcade Mode, all players take the role of the Heroes. The Arcade Deck controls the dungeon, issuing the Consul's commands for his minions: how they engage the Heroes, where to attack, and when to unleash their devastating special actions.

You can also tailor your dungeon, modifying the difficulty to suit your players.

Beyond the box, Soda Pop Miniatures features our new PVP Arena Living Ruleset, pitting Hero vs Hero available for free on our website. In addition, Forgotten King has been designed in anticipation of our upcoming Super Dungeon: Legends campaign expansion.

In on this one. It's almost funded already, 4 hours in, and I'm interested to see where the stretch goals go.

My group likes this one a lot, and the inclusion of full co-op rules and a potential campaign mode are nice additions.

Other Kickstarters (Completed) / Arcadia Quest
« on: February 26, 2014, 01:48:57 AM »
In Arcadia Quest, players lead guilds of intrepid heroes on an epic campaign to dethrone the vampire lord and reclaim the mighty Arcadia for their own. But only one guild may lead in the end, so players must battle against each other as well as against the monstrous occupying forces. Through the branching scenarios of the campaign, the heroes gain awesome new weapons and abilities, and the game remembers the heroic deeds of players from one session to the next, unlocking exciting new possibilities in future scenarios!.
Arcadia Quest is a miniatures boardgame for 2-4 players.  Each player controls a Guild of 3 Heroes, competing to be the liberators of the city of Arcadia and, more importantly, becoming the richest Guild in the land!

Arcadia Quest

A 2-4 player competitive dungeon-crawlerish game where you control a party of 3, everyone takes a turn being the bad guy controlling monsters, and there is an overarching campaign with guild / equipment upgrades.

Looks interesting enough to at least keep an eye on. I'm sure the miniatures will be top notch.  I must not be paying attention, this one caught me by surprise today.

Fan Created Content / Custom Items
« on: January 25, 2014, 03:47:01 PM »
Aaaand Go.

This is more of a proof of concept (and I made the item itself kinda silly), but I'm sure people will have some fun ideas to try out.

Will probably have to wait for actual card scans to get the size/look right. I threw this together super fast, so some of the fonts and whatnot may not match up.

As a double captain, I think I'll have plenty of extra item cards to stick custom stuffs to and slip in a sleeve. I am kinda morally opposed to making overpowered items (I'll leave the power curve to the guys making the game), but items that are fun or change the way a character plays a bit sound like a blast.

Fan Created Content / Myth Tuckboxes
« on: January 12, 2014, 10:22:35 PM »
The character boxes are final (for now). I am attempting to get them on BGG, however it may take a while.

Character Boxes are now up for download on BGG.

An example of a completed tuckbox. I touched up the edges/fold lines with markers- there will be white fold lines/edges if you do not do this. The interior is something I did separate for myself, and not part of the files.
One of the shots shows 35 sleeved cards in the box. You can put the 31 Hero cards in with some breathing room (agent abilities, etc). Or run a 25 card deck and have room to stash items/titles between play sessions.



Bit limited on what I can do with these, since I don't have the game yet and online assets are a bit scarce at the moment, but I think they turned out ok. The watercolor look is intentional on the items to cover up some of the low resolution mess.



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