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General Discussion / Transport and Storage
« on: July 17, 2014, 08:40:08 AM »
Hello Everyone,

Just trying to think of a way to store/transport myth.

Not sure if i should shell out the money for a Miniatures case or go with something like a Plano tackle box.

Ideally i would like something that would have an open space at the top for the card box, boards, rules and other miscellaneous not in trays/foam type stuff. the second section of it would be several trays or foam areas that i could store all the minis in.  It would need to be big enough to fit the bosses and all the lairs and minis from a Captain pledge plus some extras i bought (just the extra heros, boss and agents plus some minis i am putting in for townsfolk, fighters, treasure hordes and chests)

Currently i have 2 planos in the game box with an 800 count card box and all the other stuff piled around it

So again a Plano tackle box might work if it has an empty compartment on top that can fit the tiles and everything

Been looking at something like an army carrying case that i could have an empty tray for the cards.

anyone have any examples of what they are doing?

Painting / My Painting
« on: July 07, 2014, 09:08:54 AM »
So i am not a very accomplished painter, painted about a dozen bones minis before this, but i have decided to pimp out my myth game by painting up the minis.

I started out by doing the Captains of the crawler faction (name escapes me right now) and moved on to the ranged crawlers

As a side not i actually screwed up the priming on the crawlers at first and had to strip them down and re prime, but i think they turned out ok :)

These are some quick pictures i took last night and i will take some better ones as soon as i get a chance (the images where too big to embed):

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