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Fan Created Content / Re: Custom monster class: steampunk drones
« on: May 19, 2014, 02:59:11 AM »
Oileta, I have the monster card template done.  Let me know what you want, and I'll make one up for ya.

Of course, I had to play around a bit with it once it was done.

Fan Created Content / Re: Custom Hero Class: Cursed
« on: May 18, 2014, 01:04:16 PM »
Thanks for the comments.

Ultimately, I just want to get a couple of my classes to a stage that they are balanced compared to the base heroes,  play differently enough, and are fun enough that people actually want to try them out.

Obviously, creating a class in Myth is a lot more complicated than in most other tabletop games of this nature. In most, it's a matter of perhaps a passive skill, and how many dice they throw from how far.  It is a lot more fun and rewarding in Myth, however, as you get to play around with a lot of different ideas.

I created the templates that I'm using. They aren't the highest quality, but seem serviceable for now. They certainly aren't to the level of the quest template on BGG, and are a jumbled mess of layers and whatnot.

Yeah, I dunno on the card art. The background is just a placeholder. I'm more of a photoshop/graphics guy, so I doubt that I'd be able to draw something from scratch for the card art. I may try at some point, but who knows.

As long as I'm still around and interested in the game, I'll take the characters I am creating to the next step - I'd have to see what Megacon has in mind for the other classes first, though.  I will have the 5 novice (green flame) cards for each class as well, but I'm trying to get the base 25 card deck ironed out first.

Miniatures - I kinda left this one alone, as I figured everyone would have their own tastes in miniatures. I've spent too much time looking around trying to find some that fit, so I can at least share some ideas on what I will probably use.  I mainly looked through the reaper site.  It's hard to find one that applies, isn't too ornate compared to the base Myth heroes, and that doesn't have a large cartoony head, etc.

For the brawler, I will probably use this half-orc guy. There were some martial artist types I looked through, but this one spoke to my sense of brawler more than any other.

The Cursed:

If I go the route of caster, probably this:

If I go with the 2h weapon idea, I was thinking maybe this fellow:

I'll probably look around a bit more, as well.

Fan Created Content / Re: Custom Hero Class: Cursed
« on: May 18, 2014, 01:21:47 AM »
I haven't gotten into some of the more complex specific card suggestions yet, but I worked a bit on the whole "Darkness Charge" deal, and how to get it off of the items.

After some thinking, what made sense to me from a mechanics standpoint - actions that play out instantly shouldn't use darkness that has been charged up. If the darkness is there to use (on the roll), it can, however.

So basically, any attack action that requires 1 darkness to trigger an additional effect must pull the darkness from the fate die rolled on that attack. If it consumes the die, it's gone, and can't be used for fate recipes on items, etc, etc.

None of these cards are final, I'm just throwing some ideas out to illustrate how the darkness system works.

At base, does 2 damage for 2AP.  However, if there is a darkness symbol or two in the fate die rolled during the attack, you can consume them to pump it - there is also a limit (2) to how many times this ability can be pumped.

It can be turned into a 4 damage attack if 2+ darkness symbols are present-- but it will also cost you 2 of your vitality to do so.  If 2 darkness symbols come up, you could also choose to pump the ability only once, or not at all.

Another card idea I had. A reaction attack for 1 damage that has a chance to heal you for 1. If it is discarded (whether from your hand, or an action slot), you may choose to shuffle it into your draw pile instead of placing it on top of the discard pile.

Auras, since they are ongoing, is where I chose to place the ability to store charges.  Absorb is a general term meaning that once per HC, you may consume one die rolled to the darkness face to add a darkness charge to the Aura.  The number after Absorb is the distance at which you can absorb. Absorb 1, for instance, can only trigger on your rolls, or the rolls of an adjacent hero.  Absorb 3 can happen on any hero's roll up to 3 squares away.

This aura costs you 1 vitality when played.  It gives you, and adjacent heroes (Aura 1) -1TN to attack actions.  It has absorb 1 (you , and adjacent hero rolls). It can hold a max of 2 darkness charges. If you chose to, you can expend the 2 charges, make the aura flare out 2 additional squares in each direction (7x7 grid), giving all heroes within the aura -1TN and +2FD to attack actions ( I need to clean up the text a bit and specify). Doing so consumes the aura, and it goes to the discard pile.

Here is another Aura. This one does nothing until you use darkness charges. It is a gamble, but with a potentially large payoff. You lose 1 vitality each refresh phase.  It can absorb 1 darkness die every HC from any hero up to 3 spaces away.  If you get 3 charges on the card, you can blow up the aura, and do 1 damage to everything adjacent to you, gaining 1 vitality for each damage dealt. The damage is flat, and does not require a roll to succeed.

Here is a heal. You lose 2 vitality, and heal another hero for 2 vitality. You get to toss 4 Fate Dice when you play this card, with the potential of additional darkness symbols beefing up the heal.

Aura effects using darkness charges are used at instant speed similar to potions.

There will be other ways to get charges onto auras other than through absorption. 

Not all auras will be the whole build up and blow it up type. Some may get potentially stronger with more charges on it. Though there will likely be a downside, as with most skills this class has.

Anyhow, that's enough for now. I'll give it some more thought.

Fan Created Content / Re: Custom Hero Class: Brawler
« on: May 17, 2014, 11:26:43 PM »
I was going to wait and see if anyone else who gave it a go had similar feedback to what I came up with, but since it's been a while, I'll go ahead.

At one point, more of the deck were cards that could be chained - opener, link, finisher. It -almost- seemed too easy to put a combo together.

I have since choked the deck down somewhat with less chain cards, and more interrupts, the style, etc. I also made a few moves ineligible for an attack type or two.

Now it feels too random and luck based. I think I took things too far the other way.  I also don't particularly care for the whole "one ongoing style card" to address the kicks issue.

I'm going to try something else and see how it goes - if anyone was actually playing it and had printed cards out, I'll make a separate .pdf with just the few updated cards to save your printer.

Fan Created Content / Re: Custom Hero Class: Swashbuckler
« on: May 17, 2014, 11:21:41 PM »
Before I abandoned my pirate "names" for a class I was working on in favor of something else, my two branches were going to be


I know your base is Swashbuckler, but I thought I would list some possible names out in case anything grabs ya for naming yours.

You said you had been playtesting - do you have any .pdf's for others to print & play with? If you are looking for playtesters, that is.  I know you've listed everything out, but I have problems just eyeballing a list of cards and weighing in with opinions without seeing how they work together as a deck.

Fan Created Content / Re: Secret Achievement Titles
« on: May 16, 2014, 12:05:26 PM »
I was going to reply in the other thread that I thought this was a good idea, but since you made a specific thread, I'll type here.

What are your thoughts on how you take on an assignment to get one?  Random shuffle/deal before you start a session like slaughterfield, or choose one before starting?

I wouldn't think that you would want people working on multiple achievements at the same time - too much to keep track of and might alter play somewhat.

I was looking for ways to inject a little more "reward" into the game, as well as some more customization on how your character plays - this might fit both needs.

Some ideas for what titles could grant: (without getting into how to unlock them yet)

Vending Machine:  Ability to throw potions to other heroes up to range 3 at a cost of 1MP.
Bodyguard: Pick one other hero at start of session -  if you are adjacent to that hero ,you may take up to 1 attack per DC that is directed at them.
Troll: One trigger per session.  Heal 1 vitality during the next 3 refresh phases.
Inconspicuous: One trigger per session. Reduce AP cost of one card to 0.
Coward: If you fail a courage check, you may move up to 2 spaces.

Fan Created Content / What if...
« on: May 15, 2014, 12:51:11 PM »
Overall, I am a Myth fan. Obviously so, or I would not invest so much time thinking about it, making things for it, and reading/checking sites about it several times a day.

I love the deck-based class system. I love how differently each class plays due to this. It's hard to go back to games to where the only difference between a ranger and a warrior is that the ranger can roll dice from further away.

I love that is is fully co-op most of all. I get tired of playing the DM.

I like the way the darkness triggers, I like the overall flow of the game.

I love the items and fate die recipes.

I like the traps.

I like the way the game plays, more or less.

That being said, there are things that I do not like about it.

I don't like the repetitive nature of the game. (kill lairs or slaughter field)

The freeform quest system is ok, but I often find myself groaning when I draw particular quests, and I often times go with trap when I have a choice.

I don't like the treasure pop rules (kill 3 in one shot), 6 per tile, etc.

I don't like the zero to sixty loot system - I had several blues by the second round of a story quest.  I'd like much more gradual progression that I don't have to give back.

I don't like the character advancement system - hours and hours for extra cards, or the ability to keep an item.

I don't like character elimination during a quest if you don't have serendipity.

I don't like how most of our adventures turn into 3-4 hour runs just to knock out a few tiles.

So, here comes the "what if" part -

What if there was a campaign spelled out in .pdf form. Similar to the story quests, but in much more detail on how to particularly set things up.

What if each quest had unique elements spelled out on it's page.  Unique traps, perhaps a captain spawns at a certain point with unique stats, etc. Objectives other than killing.

What if each chapter of the campaign spelled out the rewards at the end, rather than using the on-tile system for treasures and coins.

What if item progression was much slower - you may only get a couple white deck draws reward for the first few chapters. Maybe you start getting a green item draws after a few.

What if you got to keep items as you progressed. Gold was kept, potions, etc.

What if there was an experience system. You might get 1 exp for completing a quest.  Exp is used to buy titles, your 5 extra cards, perhaps traits, maybe some other things?

What if the quests could occasionally be brutal , but...

What if there was a way for players to revive other players through a non-combat action rather than serendipity.

What if completion of quest meant rewards and moving on, but failure just meant that you had to replay said quest.

What if the chapters were tuned to be played in the 30m-1h range for the most part (sometimes one tile), with perhaps a larger finale at the end of the Act.

Would there be any interest in such a thing?  This has been rolling around in my head for some time now, but with the time investment involved, there really needs to be more people looking for such a thing to make it worthwhile - not to mention that I would need help in coming up with some quests, play testing, etc.

Fan Created Content / Re: Custom Hero Class: Cursed
« on: May 14, 2014, 02:05:44 PM »
Sounds reasonable guys, thanks for the feedback.

I'll spin it around in my head some today and see what I can come up with.

The only things I'm certain of right now is that I want it based around darkness, and I want it to be something other than just another damage class - as the heal and aura cards show.  I also want the ebb and flow of vitality present - lose 1 vitality to do this, siphon a vitality with this, channel your vitality into this.

Other Games / Re: Card Hunter - surprisingly fun game
« on: May 13, 2014, 04:56:08 PM »
It's a pretty good time, and one of those "I need to get back to it someday" things. I was aware of the game during it's development a couple years ago, got into the beta in May of last year, and played it quite a bit.  I haven't played it much since the beta ended and it officially launched, but I should.

The deckbuilding is based on the items that you equip on your character - each item has a set of cards that get added to your deck. A pair of boots might come with 2 movement cards and a dodge card. A club will come with a variety of attacks and whatnot. Armor places reactive cards in the deck that protect you, shields do the same with block cards.

The way the armor, blocking, etc work is pretty ingenious.  Sometimes you have to burn weak attacks before your strong attacks to get through an opponents blocks. Sometimes you have to dip them in acid to get rid of their armor cards.

Some items are cursed and clog your deck up with cards that hurt you, and they are sometimes hard to get rid of.

The scenarios are well done and generally challenging.  It's a pretty good time.

I also have not played the multi-player.  When I played (granted, a year ago), money would get you alternate looks for your characters, a subscription based "club" that gave you an additional treasure after each map clear, and the ability to go in and buy random lottery type treasure chests. That may have changed now, but I will say that it is completely playable without spending any money at all.

Fan Created Content / Custom Hero Class: Cursed
« on: May 13, 2014, 02:02:08 PM »
The "concept" behind the brawler is nearing completion and it is in the testing/tweaking stages, so I thought I would put the next class I'm working on up.

Ever since I saw the fate dice, and how each Hero was attuned to a certain Fate, I thought to myself - there needs to be a darkness attuned Anti-Hero.

Story behind it, blah blah:  Denizens of the Darkness have been known to carry/covet a specific type of crystal. They have even adorned some of their weaponry with it.  Since the Darkness carry it, and it is ice cold to the touch, it has been considered cursed, and others dare not touch it.  Our Hero however, was intrigued, and began experimenting with a shard of this crystal in the hopes that he would find answers to the Darkness menace.  In time, be began to unlock it's terrible power, and it's connection to the darkness itself.  Too late, he realized that he was being consumed by it. Attempts to rid himself of the shard resulted in nausea and maddening thoughts.  The village Healer turned him away, declaring him cursed.  Soon, word would spread and the villagers would see him burned.  He gathered his things and left immediately. 

He would go and join with the Adventurers who fight against the darkness to find his answers.  They would be unlikely to judge him for his... condition... if he could prove himself in battle. Of course, he would need his new-found powers to do that.

That was hastily written, but that is how I'm going to spin the character.

He is going to be a hybrid melee and spellcaster.  He can go in with a 1h and an offhand, or a 2h.  The 2h option is going to be slightly more powerful, but will limit his ability to attack at range in some cases.

After the Brawler, I want this one to be a utility class that can augment enemies/other heroes. It will have its attacks as well.

Class Mechanic:  Darkness

Whenever the Cursed rolls fate die, any darkness symbols not used for fate die recipes can be absorbed into the items he carries.  There will be other ways to gain darkness as well, spelled out on the items.

There will be 1h weapons, 2h weapons, and offhand items.  Other classes can use these - they haven't been delving into the crystals secrets and are not cursed/attuned to them. They can not store darkness charges, however.  Similarly, the Cursed will be able to use a darkness 1h, and a normal shield from the item deck, or vise versa.

Each item has a max number of charges that it can absorb and hold.  Charges can be spent at instant speed, at any time (like potions) to amplify or power skills.  Charges used on actions (attacks, etc) apply to the action.  Charges spent on Ongoing abilities apply until the start of the next Heroic Cycle.  Some skills will have a maximum number of times that you can pump it up with charges.

Ongoing: Aura

Listed as Aura and number - an ongoing effect that applies to things within the auras range (the number).. Aura 1 would mean anything within one square of the Hero (adjacent). Aura 2 is within 2 squares, etc.  Auras move with, and are centered on the hero.

The area in purple is the darkness pump ability. Number of symbols = number of darkness charges used.

Unholy strength can be increased in range until the next HC for each darkness spent.

Infuse heals more for each pair of darkness spent.

Number at the bottom is the max charges the item can hold. Absorb means to claim a darkness die for a charge from your own attack rolls.

Early on, but thar be the general idea.

Fan Created Content / Re: Custom Hero Class: Brawler
« on: May 13, 2014, 11:58:14 AM »
I printed the new deck and took it for a test run this morning. Printed them on the color laserjet at work, and actually pretty happy on how they turned out.

Had a few thoughts as I was playing, but I'm going to wait on your feedback.  I appreciate you taking the time to do this.

General Discussion / Re: A little Disappointed
« on: May 12, 2014, 02:03:00 PM »
For what it's worth, until the 2nd wave arrives, I've only been playing with what is in the base game as well.

Despite the oversight of having Yardu spawn a Captain that we don't have access to, and chain quests that don't have the next step available, I've still been having a decent time of it - probably 25-30 hours played so far.  Outside of the two things mentioned, I feel it is a "full game".  Yeah, fighting a variety of enemies would be more fun, but the enemy "faction" thing is part of the game, and built into the balance of it.

I would suspect that anything non-KS exclusive will be available for general purchase around the time the wave 2 stuff arrives or slightly after - probably July-August time frame.  So you will be able to buy the Skeletons, the Cyclops, the Ratmen, extra bosses,  etc. You won't have to wait until the next KS if you don't want to.

Yes, it's going to cost you a lot more than what it cost KS backers. That's just part of it.  I've been on the other side of the kickstarter fence several times, and sometimes the extra cost and missing out on exclusives make me not buy/support the game. That's a decision you need to make for yourself.

Fan Created Content / Re: Custom Hero Class: Brawler
« on: May 10, 2014, 09:06:37 PM »
The base 25 card deck and the fist weapons are up for download. I put the links in the First post of this thread.

Disclaimer: It's not going to be where it needs to be right now. I've played around with it some, but it was a relatively small sample of gameplay.  Hoping to get some feedback on what needs to be tweaked. I do however, believe that it has potential to be fun, and that Megacon built enough balance elements (movement, threat, AP cost, # per deck, etc, etc) that balance can be achieved on nearly everything.

Fan Created Content / Re: Custom Hero Class: Brawler
« on: May 10, 2014, 09:53:40 AM »
I may end up doing that once I get some outside playtesting in.  For now, I'm going with 2 fist weapons.

Kicks/other are going to be based off of the base 2d10 with a 1d10  somewhere in the movement legend based on proper movement.

I have a style card that gives kicks a bonus to hit and a fate recipe.  I did not do one for the "force" (or strength) based moves, as there are only 2 in the base deck.

I think when the class splits at the Journeyman level, there will be more to it, but for now, it seems fine.  Not having a fate recipe for the kicks unless the style is out isnt that bad.... since it is just one part of a larger "attack".  We will see how it plays, though.

I am in the process of updating the Original Post on page 1 with a sorta "how to play".

I have the base 25 cards done and in pdf form. I have the class token done.  I have a few ideas for the "upgrade" cards, but I think I will wait for feedback on what the class needs/doesnt need for those.

I need to go through and trim a few fist weapons, and make one change to them that I want to. Once that is done, I should be able to zip it all up and put it up for others to download/try out.

Fan Created Content / Re: Custom Hero Class: Swashbuckler
« on: May 09, 2014, 11:52:15 PM »
Another thought that immediately popped into my head - in addition to your statement of "Cards that add Fate Dice to attacks/abilities do not add Fate Dice to a Slots roll", you would also have to state that effects other than the Swashbucker's own abilites can not alter the rolls as well. Mantle of Fate would change the balance of this class like no other.

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