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Other Games / Shadows of Brimstone
« on: August 18, 2014, 03:01:29 PM »
So I got a chance to check out Shadows of Brimstone at GenCon. WOW is all I can say, I'm not trying to knock MYTH, but this is the game I wish MYTH had been. This game is so fun, and is packed FULL of depth, without bogging it down like an RPG (RPG light is probably what I would call it). I cannot wait to get this game (I baked it). This is almost certainly my dungeon crawl of the future.

General Discussion / Re: New card preview
« on: August 15, 2014, 06:05:48 PM »
thanks joshua
Hey, the cards I really want to see are the trickster traps (not all cards, just the traps). I have a project based around what the traps are. could you help with that?
Once I get home I can do those. They are in sealed bags, and once I open them I don't have anywhere to put them. The cards I listed were in a tiny zip lock bag.

General Discussion / New card preview
« on: August 14, 2014, 08:49:46 PM »
Picked up my stuff from GenCon today, and that those who still have a whole to wait, might want a preview of some of the stuff.

General Discussion / Re: Trap Survey on BGG
« on: May 21, 2014, 12:55:31 PM »
There are a few other factors that may be affecting the perceived difficulty of the Crushing Wall Trap (and it's applicable to other Traps as well):

1 - Transition between tiles & deciding when the Trap activates:  If players just move their Heroes to the first square as part of setup (as pictured in the rulebook) OR if players decide that the Trap doesn't activate on the first square (which is not explicitly stated in the rulebook), then Heroes can reach the Disarm points during the first Hero Cycle.  If, however, players follow the RAW for tile transitions AND they assume that the Trap is activated immediately upon entering the Tile, then Heroes must wait until the 2nd Hero Cycle to reach the Disarm points.  This may or may not matter depending on how they're playing some of the other areas, for example...

2 - # of NCAs per turn:  On the MCG forums, Kenny once stated that Heroes are limited to one NCA per Hero per Hero Cycle.  I believe this comment was made in a discussion on Disarming Traps, but regardless, I think some players are playing with this rule even though it didn't make the FAQ.  I also think it is possible that the intended rule could be 'one Trap Disarm attempt per Hero per Hero Cycle'.  This is going to effect the number of attempts that Heroes will be able to make as well as the # of MP players are using.  The combination of the two above can limit Heroes to a two Disarm attempts per location.
3 - Loitering:  Does the AP generated by this Trap count against Loitering?  Normally, AP generated by Traps is not supposed to count to prevent Loitering, but I think many players have house ruled this.  Technically, I believe players must still play a card that increases AP in order to avoid Loitering.  Of course, Heroes can choose to Loiter, but then they must accept the penalty. 

Assuming players are playing all of the above as strict as possible, as well as poor die rolls, and assuming they don't want to accept Loitering penalties, Heroes could actually be limited to one chance to Disarm each location.   And since you must disarm both locations, Heroes would only have a 25% chance of succeeding at this Trap...with the penalty of death for failure.

With more Heroes, players must recognize that moving more than 2 Heroes is likely only going to hurt their chances as well..

(I should note that I don't play all of the above as strict as could be...and so I don't find this Trap to be overly difficult.)
As far as your #2 goes. You get as many NCA's as you have MPs to buy them. However,  each hero can only attempt to disarm a trap once per HC.

General Discussion / Re: Trap Survey on BGG
« on: May 20, 2014, 10:52:29 PM »
I can't believe people actually find the crushing wall difficult. I haven't done all the traps yet, but it's definitely the easiest.

I think what's happening there is that some people are interpreting the trap to work different than others. Are you picturing the trash compactor from Star Wars, the spike room from Temple of Doom, or the chompers from Galaxy Quest?

There's two axis of interpretation:
1) Do the crushing walls affect the entire tile, or do they only crush in the places where the 2x1 tokens are across from each other.  How you read the map and text determines whether or not it's safe to dally next to the rune spaces while you disarm them. If you interpret it as the whole room that's getting squished, things are much more dangerous.
2) Do the walls just crush in once and seal the corridor once it gets to AP6, or do they repeatedly cycle like the "Chompers" from galaxy quest. If you interpret this trap to be unsolvable once the darkness cycle kicks in, then it's a lot more severe.

Personally, I think the rulebook's text and image support the gentlest, most favorable interpretation for the Heroes on this particular trap. I think the disarming row is a safe zone, and I see no mention of consequence for if you hit AP6 (unlike at least one other trap that specifically mentions that it can't be disarmed once AP hits 6). So I'm picturing the GQ chompers. If it worked more like the two Lucasfilms sources, it would be a much more dangerous trap on a much shorter clock.
We've been playing that once it closes, it closes. But it hasn't mattered. At the very least you get 6 tries to roll 2 5s before it crushes you/seals you in.

The Market / Re: I Am Searching a Myth Pledge
« on: May 20, 2014, 10:50:22 PM »
Is it confirmed they will include the majority of KS stuff from this one in there?


I don't think there's been any public statement regarding Myth KS#1 content being included in Myth KS#2.  I haven't seen any.  On top of that, in one of Brian's recent Myth KS updates (update 118) he mentions the following in the comments section:

Quote from: Brian on KS update 118 comments
since this has become a topic of conversation, we won't be launching another KS for a good long while

There was speculation that the next Myth KS would be this August and these comments indicate, to me at least, that the KS has been pushed well into 2015.  Bummer, but I certainly understand why they'd react this way.

I wonder if the same people who complained about delays/international shipping/rules will complain about not getting a good deal on new MYTH stuff? I took the comment to possibly mean that they will just release future MYTH content directly to retail

General Discussion / Re: Trap Survey on BGG
« on: May 15, 2014, 03:58:18 PM »
I can't believe people actually find the crushing wall difficult. I haven't done all the traps yet, but it's definitely the easiest.

General Discussion / Re: A little Disappointed
« on: May 14, 2014, 12:23:30 AM »
He increases undead's chance to regen, but also one of his two fate abilites is to spawn an undead captain. Which is a pretty big deal. It's a pretty big nerf to the only mini boss included in the game.

You're probably right. If Yardu said "spawn" this would be simple, and you'd be obviously undeniably right.

However, Mercs uses a lot of weird language on the cards, phrasing things in inconsistent (and awkward) ways, and muddling rules text with unmarked snippets of flavor text. Yardu's powers don't say "spawn", one says "resurrect" and the other says "raise". Probably that's a regen power and a spawn power respectively, as you say, but I wouldn't claim to know for certain. I could easily imagine the card for the soul-less using the term "raise" to refer to their ability to not die when they run out of vitality. It would be less than ideal, but not impossible.

I'd say, given Megacon's track record with language and card clarity, that there's at least a 10% chance that Yardu's "Necrotic Aura" does something other than create new Soulless. If that's the case (and I realize it's a big 'if') then Yardu's placement in the main box is sensible. So while I'm happy to give Megacon heck about their linguistic failures, I can't yet get behind the complaint that Yardu is misplaced or particularly 'nerfed'. My opinion on that may well change once we see the cards from Wave 2.

Either way, "Necrotic Aura" is a pretty awful name for a healing or spawning power, with that name (pertaining to Necrosis, meaning cellular death a la gangrene) it should instead be some sort of damaging ability. I wonder if it was an auto-correct mistake made when spell-check didn't like "Necromantic Aura". But that is neither here nor there, I suppose.
There's a 0% chance it does anything other than puts a souless into play. The reason it says raises, rather than spawn, is because if it said "spawns a souless" you would need a lair to spawn them. MERCS has confirmed that he puts a souless into play, because when they made a ruling for Sinner's Sorrow, they also mentioned that he can only put a souless into play once per turn, regardles of the number of attacks he makes (which lets him roll fate dice more than once).

Getting a straight answer, that makes sense, out of this company is like trying to bail water with a strainer...

General Discussion / Re: A little Disappointed
« on: May 13, 2014, 01:20:21 AM »
Somewhat off-topic: I don't necessarily think Yardu summons anything. The terms used on the card are "ressurect" and "raises".  In the absence of concrete rules examples, it's not unreasonable for either or both of those words to be interpreted more like "regenerate" or "heal" than to "spawn". Page 35 of the rules repeatedly makes the point that Undead creatures don't stay down when defeated. I feel like we can't really say for certain how Yardu's power with the Soulless works until we at least have a Soulless creature card available. Just sayin'. If there's some video or KS update that I've missed that explains this better, let me know.
He increases undead's chance to regen, but also one of his two fate abilites is to spawn an undead captain. Which is a pretty big deal. It's a pretty big nerf to the only mini boss included in the game.

Also, I'm sure many have heard this a lot, but the game doesn't come with enough minions for proper spawns (heck the page 41 example in the rule book shows 18 crawlers). And there aren't enough captains for slaughterfield.

I've been trying to find them online somewhere but are the abilities of the Kickstarter exclusive bosses available anywhere? I sadly missed the Kickstarter(I didn't know it existed) but I'd love to have more variety for mini-bosses and bosses, as well as enemy types. I have an absolute shit ton of miniatures from other games and could easily use placeholders. Is that information available anywhere or is it mostly under lock and key?
None of the bosses, captains or minions were KS exclusive. 3 of the mini bosses were exclusvie, and 2 of the agents.

General Discussion / Re: does anyone else think the game is easy?
« on: May 09, 2014, 01:11:00 AM »
I didn't read through every single response. But when I see these posts I wonder if people are doing/setting up everything right (not that I would blame them with these rules). I too thought the game seemed particularly easy, until I realized I was doing some things wrong. First of all, I was setting up the lairs too close to the side of the tile we came in on. I believe you're suppose to set them up as far to the other side as you can (to prevent turn 1 nuking of lairs). Also, another big thing I didn't know before the faq, the only way minions spawn treasure is if you kill at least 3 with a single attack.

I always remove one of the Sprint cards first. I think I've used sprint exactly 1 time in 6 or 7 sessions.

Rules Discussion / Re: No rest for the weary - or "I may be stupid"
« on: April 30, 2014, 01:04:40 AM »
You haven't missed anything with the inn keeper. He's just already dead when you get there. Killed by crawlers I assumed.

Kickstarter Updates / Re: Update #116 - Wave 2 Delay
« on: April 29, 2014, 07:00:14 PM »
Lets see... They announced a delay right after the PM closed, so it makes sense that they announce the next delay after Recon closed... Glad I passed that up.

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