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Wow!  I didn't realize that I had been away for soooooo long!  Here are some things I'm working on...

Thanks!  And here is my tailless test piece...  almost finished.

I got started on my Skald.  Here she is in progress...

Hey all, it's been a while.  Life and everything...  you know.  Anyway, here's my soldier.

Very cool!  I really like that!  I had considered using green at one point but then decided on red for my first try.  I Double Captained so I may have to reconsider green for the other Terror.  I especially like the contrast of the cream color on the underbelly.  Nice color fade on the claws too.  Bravo!

Okay, the little guy was sick all last week so I've been doing the daddy thing. 

Well, here is my first WIP of the soldier.  Just basic base coats so far.  Also I'll try to do some pictures of just the Acolyte soon.  Thanks for looking!!

Here is a listing of the colors and washes that I used on the Terror, without regard to order, technique, or any mixing:

Reaper Colors Used:
    walnut brown
    dirty bone
    blond hair
    blond highlight
    bathalian chitin
    splintered bone
    dusky skin shadow
    dusky skin
    dusky skin highlight
    spattered crimson
    gory red
    fresh blood
    bronzed skin
    bronzed highlight

Citadel Colors Used:
    cassandora yellow
    seraphim sepia
    nuln oil
    reikland fleshshade
    loren forest
    warboss green
    moot green
    karak stone
    ushabti bone
    screaming skull
    doombull brown
    tuskgor fur
    bugmans glow
    wild rider red

    Folk Art glass and tile medium

There's a simple reason for that, the Acolyte is the only hero that I have painted so far!  I have put a few base colors on the Soldier...  Maybe I'll do him next before I do another mucker.  I also realized that I never posted any good pictures of just the Acolyte...

I keep a log book of all the colors, washes, and order that I do a piece in, so it's really no trouble at all.  Just a matter of typing it up, which I had planned on doing at some point anyway. 

I worked 68 hours in the last week so, as you can imagine, I've done almost no painting.  I'm now on vacation starting today.  Ahhhh....

I want to finish up that Terror and then try my hand at a redskin or blueskin mucker.  Haven't decided yet.

Cool!  I can post up a full list of colors, mixes, and washes that I used if anyone is interested.

Thanks!!  Almost done with the Terror!

That's cool!  I'm happy to hear that my pieces are helping other MYTHers!  Here's an update...

Thanks!  In the case of the claws I painted the entire claw in Spattered Crimson (Reaper 09277), and then worked from the claw tip back when putting on the Karak Stone (Citadel).  I used a "sort of drybrush" style at the edge of the transition to red.  Since this picture I have done a wash of 50/50 Nuln Oil (Citadel) and Reikland Fleshshade (Citadel) which blurs the transition even more.  I am in the process of highlighting the red shell back towards the "elbow", and the business end of the claw towards the tip.  I'll try to get some new pictures up soon.

Ha ha!  I've always imagined Yardu with an electric guitar.

I've started work on the T1KLegs.

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