Author Topic: Converting extra minions into custom races. or how I learned to love Double-Capt  (Read 2073 times)


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This started as a reply in the Myth skirmish thread and before i knew it I'd written a small book with only one sentence relating to the original topic,
so as not to derail that thread I'll ramble on about it in here instead.

Fishmen? Should I this to mean that you have a custom race in the works? All in all thought this sounds like an idea that I would really want to try. Especially in conjunction with SLAUGHTERFIELD!.

Fishmen is a warhammer in-joke, apparently the development team was brainstorming new race ideas and had left fishmen up on the whiteboard when some fan saw and leaked that the next army was going to be fishmen, so now whenever they are working on something new they call it the fishmen until the idea is fully fleshed out.
So, not quite in the works...well, until now.

I have a bad habit of grandiose plans that never get finished so I had to make a promise to myself - get the game painted first, then make modifications.
in saying that depending on the sweet spot for Cyclopes (Cyclopsii, Cyclopeds?) I may have a few (dozen?) extra that could make some nice fishmen...or frog men...or gollumesque troglodytes...

...I pledged Apprentice + add-ons to get enough  to hit the sweet spot for 2 lairs + 1/2 a lair buffer for all monster types and double captain just gave me more of what I already had enough of, but now with my brain abuzz with the possibilities spare minions and some sculpting clay brings:

Wrapped in bandages the spare Skeletons become Mummies.
The Orcs turn into Fishmen with the addition of fins or Beastmen/Demons with the addition of horns and hooves.
Arachnids with wings become giant wasps, with pincers to make Stagbeetles or join one to an Orc to make a Dryder, two or three linked with an Orc make a Centaurpede captain.
If you scrape off the fur and chop off the ears the Rats tun into Lizardmen.
Sculpt faces over the Cyclops eye make them into Ogres/Neanderthals.
Elementals with Exhaust pipes/cogs become Steam/Clockwork Soldiers.

Then we get into the serious modifications, sculpt some scarfs/turbans onto Orcs and swap the weapons to scimitars with some plastic-card and you have an Ali Baba Boss with 40 Thief minions/captains + a Geni mini-boss.

Hmm I wonder if the wife will agree to Quad-Captains?


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Well, whatever you do Z-Ray I look forward to the pictures. Best of luck to you!
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Crap! Those are some great ideas! Not sure I'm practiced enough to make those mods myself other than the easier enhancements, but you've almost convinced me I need more minis again  ;)
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