Author Topic: Can anyone tell me what the Spirggan and any other Exclusive heroes do?  (Read 1280 times)


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So I haven't been able to get the Spriggan, or that other Hero that I think was exclusive to the Recon Kickstarter.  Can anyone tell me their mechanics, or better yet have any scans of their cards so I can print some out and proxy the models?

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For the Spriggan, you can visit the MYth website at scroll down to downloads and grab the Expansion 2.0 Hero and Item Cards. In there it has a Spriggan pdf that show's you every card and item included with the spriggan. Unfortunately with the Hunter not much is known about them or their mechanics, but once the recon shipment arrives I'd be happy to update ( which could be a month or two month due the port being shutdown/ backlog) . I believe Brian indicated that his novice level was a duel wielder, and has cards against the undead minion ( because he was a priest figure in recon).
Hope that help  :)


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Main themes of the spriggan -
He summons items that take damage for him.  This makes him quite tanky and hard to kill as long as he has items up.  He also can summon "pets" to help the party attack.  This makes him one of the strongest heroes early game, although I've found he doesn't scale well once other heroes are improving their items. 

Hunter is still a bit of a mystery.  We got a short writeup of him, but we haven't seen the details.  We'll know this June.
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Re: Can anyone tell me what the Spirggan and any other Exclusive heroes do?
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