Author Topic: Project Update #96: A Comitatus of the Willing  (Read 1360 times)


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Project Update #96: A Comitatus of the Willing
« on: March 07, 2014, 02:20:13 PM »
 Project Update #96: A Comitatus of the Willing
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Fifteen stalwart friends formed ranks against the might of the first Myth container, ill-fated foe long awaited. The heroes, pressing forward, found their footing, quickly covering the ground with heavy game cases.
One container...One container...
...floor stacked....floor stacked.
The Heroes!The Heroes!
Kenny, my dawgs!Kenny, my dawgs!
Keith, my dawgs!Keith, my dawgs!

The first container arrived at 10:00. It held 3000 games; 1000 boxes. We had it unloaded in 80 minutes (we had two hours). It took another hour to organize the fillers and the floor stacked.

Let’s do some show and tell. This is what this half of the warehouse looked like before...

…and after.

This represents one-quarter of the total game order. The second container comes sometime Monday. We are going to work this weekend and get a feel for the orders and how many we can do in a day. By the time next week gets going, we want to be sending out 300-500 a day.

The last two containers are on the ocean.
Local Pickup

We are going to allow local pickup. If you are in the area and want to pick up the base game and various other accoutrement going out with the first order, please email Please put MYTH PICKUP as the subject line. Please include your name, order number, and the email associated with the order. Also, please bring an ID. We CANNOT give anyone an order without ID confirmation.

If you are planning on picking up the order, you must email us. If we have sent out your order before we have been notified, then you can’t pick it up.

Local pickup Monday/Wednesday/Friday from Noon to 7:00pm, and Tuesday/Thursday from Noon-5:00.

We are located at:

MegaCon Games
15529 Stony Creek Way, Suite 102
Noblesville, IN 46060

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Re: Project Update #96: A Comitatus of the Willing
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2014, 02:59:57 PM »
I am excited for our American friends to the south! I will take cold comfort in the fact that Indie is not directly below my province and will wait the extra weeks for Intl shipping.

I am also very happy for the Megacon guys. They endured the trials of paperwork, red tape and abusive flame stealing video game conglomerates with class and dignity.
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