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Hi Guys!!!!

Alright, I'd first like to give my Character/Artistic background before I start asking my questions.

I like to consider myself a nerd, loving all things comics, big Star Trek fan, list can go on and on and on, and take it from my wife I will geek out with the rest of them on ANYTHING that falls under the "nerd/geek/dork" umbrella and truly enjoy doing it.  With that being said:

I've never played a dungeon crawl before Myth, I embarrassingly dabbled in DnD, loved the concept (since I'm a huge fantasy book reader), hated the execution.  There was a lot of mundane rules and the failure was really in the DM, one bad DM can ruin the entire game.  I started to notice the Warhammer figurines and the great care people took with them, and to be honest my thought was you have to be a SERIOUS nerd well beyond my pay-grade to be into that, pfffff get a life....

Fast Forward to Myth, played the KS advanced copy at a friends house cause I'm always up for new stuff, fell in love with it, and bought it the day it released.  So here I am now wanting to paint my minions and heroes.  So first question:

1.) Paint.  Which Paint is the best paint to use, do any of you have a preference, is there such a thing?
2.) Application, I'm not an artist, my stick figures suck.  So I don't have a clue as to how to even begin.  My assumption is this - If, for instance, an orc has green skin, you'd paint the Entire figure green, then the next thing you would do is paint his clothes on, etc.  Am I correct, what is your guys' method to the madness that is painting tiny ass minions and heroes?
3.) Clear Coats again, similar to my Paint question, is there a specific brand you use?

4.) Is there a Youtube tutorial and painting figurines of this size (I'm sure there is), maybe one specifically for Myth characters or one that could be considered a really good tutorial that you can direct me too.

Thanks Guys!


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Re: Question on Supplies (Paints, Clear Coats, Applications, etc.)
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It's a great help, and I want to know if you can point to the source of these content.