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Hero Class: The Wilder
« on: December 03, 2014, 07:09:42 PM »
Hey everybody. Creating a hero from scratch has been interesting and diverting. Also it has been a ton of work.

The amount completed is significant and it is being playtested vigorously. I will update this OP with information as it is completed and tweaked. There are some nice surprises in store, which I will reveal later on. For now, here is a sneak peak at the deck of 25 cards. Some are completed with artwork, all have a function. The mechanics are, as I said, being playtested to create just the right balance.

You will have to excuse the gushing, but this hero is a lot of fun to play (totally biased here).

These cards  have been shrunk for ease of viewing, but the full size cards are over at drop box if you want access and try the Wilder out yourself.

If you have any questions regarding the gameplay and mechanics feel free to ask in this thread. I will be adding comprehensive details in the OP over the next couple weeks.

I hope you like the work!
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Re: Hero Class: The Wilder
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What I expected was the knowledge of the contents of this forum.