1001 Stories

The 1001 Story Project

With the MYTH focus on storytelling, we decided to take inspiration from Arabian Nights, and one of the greatest storytellers of all time Scheherazade.  Much as Scheherazade used her stories to create night after night of entertainment for a king, we hope our stories will help to entertain you.

We hope to collect 1001 stories, acts, chapters, or scenarios of created content to support the game MYTH.  We are starting this project with no real knowledge of the game rules, but based on examples of gameplay that reveal great flexibility within the system.  Some of the content will include custom rules or setup that may not follow the base rules of MYTH, but we will attempt to keep expanding gameplay options for the game.

1: Turf War   http://www.LandsOfMyth/projects/1001-stories/1-act-turf-war/

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