The Darkness

enemiesThe Darkness

The darkness is the everpresent antagonist of Myth.  Villains, monsters, traps… it comes in many forms, but it is always working to defeat the heroes.

No player is the darkness in a game of Myth.  Instead, the darkness is kind of an artificial intelligence, run based on cards and a set of rules unique to each type of enemy.  Based on these rules, the hero players take the actions for the darkness when the darkness interrupts and makes it’s presence known.

The forces of the darkness are vast.  Six major races of the darkness have been introduced so far, each with minions, captains, and a boss.  In addition, the game has a number of mini-bosses and agents.  Some are of these six races, while others are completely different creatures in service to the darkness.


  • Crawlers
  • Stalkers
  • Terror with 1000 Legs


  • Grubbers
  • Muckers
  • Orcneas, Master of Masters


  • Shamblers
  • Soulless
  • Bones


  • Tailless
  • Rath
  • The Rat King


  • Iathi
  • Iao
  • Ia, the Foundation


  • Sycleech
  • Sycline
  • Syclopt


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