The Rings of Ia

Gather ye’ all to Travelers Crossing.  Have ye’ a tale to tell by the inn’s fires?  Heroes have gathered from far and wide to trade their tales, and perhaps to take their part in a new one.  Let me tell you of a tale, but only in part.  For ye’ all will tell me how the legend shall end.

Air to breathe, Fire to warm us from the cold, Water to cleanse us and quench our thirst, and Earth to live on.  The elements are a very part of our beings.  However, there is another side to these primal forces.  Air to bring a chill to our bones, Fire to scorch our homes, our crops, and our bodies, Water to drown us, and Earth to create weapons to create endless war.  The most powerful evil embodiment of these elements is Ia, the Foundation.  Ia has arisen, and only the truest heroes can successfully face him…

Rings of Ia is an epic adventure for the lands of Myth.  Although most of the game will be the Myth as players know it, a number of features will be added to help set this game apart and make it more special for GenCon.

  • 16 Heroes take part in this epic adventure.  Some will live, some will die.  All will be needed to stop Ia.
  • Heroes will begin stronger than in a basic game.  All 16 heroes will begin the game with titles and more advanced equipment, befitting legendary heroes needed to undertake this quest.  (Each hero will also have a background to introduce them.)
  • Treasure drops will not be handled as normal.  Killing three creatures, or killing captains will not spawn additional treasure.
  • Monsters and lairs will be pre-selected for each room.  The players won’t choose things on the fly.  Since the heroes will already have upgraded gear, monster selections will be more challenging than typical in the standard game.
  • Custom quests, traps, and challenges will be introduced, along with special scenario rules for what must be accomplished in each scene.
  • Instead of tiles, the adventures will take place in a series of 3D scenes including bridges, towers, ruins, and caverns.

EDIT: Due to the delays on the game release, I’m targeting 2015 for Rings of Ia, although development will continue throughout 2014.