Obviously, the best source on official information on MYTH will be MERCS Miniatures.  In fact, they already sent out an update of new sculpt pictures after the end of the Kickstarter.

So what can a third party site add to the discussion?  Well, what we know of the mechanics of MYTH lends itself well to customization.  The story system in particular is ripe for fan made content.  In that spirit, the first project we’ll be launching here is the 1001 Stories project.  Inspired by Sherehezade and Arabian Nights, we will be looking to collect 1001 player created stories for MYTH.  These could take the form of custom story cards, act cards, chapter cards, or even alternate rule sets to play out the scenarios.

Of course, we don’t even have the rules yet, let alone the details on putting together stories, but with what we’ve seen of the flexible system already, I feel we can get a good jump on things, and start developing content, adjusting as we learn more later, and eventually get a chance to playtest the content.

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