The Acolyte


Source: Myth Base Set

Vitality: 6

Courage: 6

Key Mechanics:


Starting Gear:

Wooden Plank- A makeshift melee weapon that increases effectiveness of attacks, and reduces threat on successful fate dice.

Worn Prayer Book – For some reason the prayer book is no longer a faith, instead giving the same bonus as the wooden plank.  (It used to increase faith by 1.)

Strategy Guide

Maneuverability: Very Weak (3 cards)

Two sprint cards and one hustle card being the only movement options for the acolyte makes him the slowest and least maneuverable hero in the game.  Maneuverability is harmed even more by a large number of spells that will only work while stationary.

Defense: Weak (2 cards)

The acolyte isn’t meant to be taking a lot of attacks, instead playing more of a support role.  As a result, his only two defensive cards are group defensive cards, not personal defensive cards.  They are both useful, but the acolyte still needs to stay out of the line of fire.

Attack (Single Target): Average (5 cards)

The acolyte has 5 attacks.  Three are range 3 attacks, allowing the acolyte to hide behind others.  The other two are weapon range, so it may be worthwhile to get a ranged weapon.  Angelic word is the heavy hitter, not only being ranged, but being the one card to take down a captain as long as you stand still (making maneuverability even more of a problem.) Consuming fire also can take down harder targets, but it takes a while to do so.

Attack (Multiple Targets): Weak (2 Cards)

Last rites can be a decent ranged area attack, but with only two of them, the acolyte won’t be a dependable damage dealer.  It requires a lot of faith to set up well, so it’s not very dependable.

Utility: Very Strong(13 cards)

You could argue the acolyte has 15 utility cards since both defensive cards are group buffs.  In addition to the defense, the acolyte is the most reliable healer, has removes status effects, buffs attacks, buffs courage, buffs non-combat, and most importantly, has Feet of the Saints to temporarily reduce AP costs.  Basically, the acolyte will contribute to the party mostly through a support role.

Special: None


Offensive Abilities – The acolyte has 3 single target offensive cards that can be added to his deck if you want to pack more punch.  A second copy of Angelic Word is probably the strongest due to range and potential for 3 damage, but Dirge of Twilight gives another two damage option as well.  Due to the lack of defense, this is a risky way to build an acolyte, but it’s an option.

Journeyman Upgrades


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