The Brigand

Hero_BrigandThe Brigand

Vitality: 6

Courage: 6

Key Mechanics:


Starting Gear:

Sharpened Butter Knife – A makeshift melee weapon that increases effectiveness of attacks, and reduces threat on successful fate dice.

Dirty Blanket – This “cloak” helps the brigand keep from being noticed while in stealth.

Strategy Guide

Maneuverability: Very Strong (7 cards)

One sprint cards and three! hustle cards already gives the brigand good maneuverability.  Add two shadow’s reach cards which are basically limited teleports, a suicide run with has an extra built in hustle, and almost a third of the deck allows movement of some kind.

Defense: Strong (4 cards)

The brigand has options to dodge, block, or even redirect attacks.  This should give him a good mix of defense, especially when you consider his ability to move into the shadows to hide from enemies as another form of defense.

Attack (Single Target): Very Strong (8 cards)

Eight single target attacks include four doing 2 or more damage.  He has the most 3 damage attacks of any hero, and has two 2 damage reactions, which easily combos into two more 3 damage rounds.  Basically, when trying to kill a single target, the brigand should always have an option or two in hand to do the job, and his main focus should be taking down lairs and hard targets like bosses, mini-bosses, and captains.

Attack (Multiple Targets): Weak (2 Cards)

The brigand isn’t as strong when it comes to taking down numbers of foes.  He has two options with both depending on combos of cards for maximum effectiveness.  If used well, Suicide Run rivals Orion’s tears as the most deadly card in the game for clearing out masses of enemies.

Utility: Weak (7 cards)

Although the brigand has a decent number of cards for utility, three of those are “shadows” cards, and a number of attacks and other utility cards depend on those.  So managing “shadows” cards is a huge deal, and will be the key to success with this hero.  The other cards include 2 buffs, a treasure draw specialty card, and a poison removal card.

Special: None


Shadow’s Friend – Only having three cards to go into shadows is a big limitation on resources for the brigand.  Picking up a 4th should be a priority.  The fact it can be played as an interrupt is a bonus.

Suicide Run – Adding a second copy of a card that is one of the strongest cards in the game and adds additional mobility at the same time is too good to pass up if you want a more offensive build.

Defensive Cards – The brigand has two defensive cards that can help with his durability.  One doubles as offense by redirecting an attack.

Shadowstep – Note, the brigand is the first hero were all 5 cards are listed.  Shadowstep takes the brigands great maneuverability and makes it even better.  It can be a sprint or the equivalent of a hustle that doesn’t count as a move.  It’s an extra boost for those suicide runs, or a way to reposition.

Dagger – The dagger is a huge addition to the brigand.  Any time the fate dice come up allowing the brigand to stay in shadows, it helps free up use of other shadow dependent cards.  Acquiring one can make the brigand even more deadly and not so resource constrained.


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