Convention Tour Changes

Due to the delay in the game actually getting into our hands, I’ll need to scale back things for a much less ambitious convention tour this year.



Shadowcon – January 3 and 4.

Although I still plan on attending Shadowcon, any Myth related events have been cancelled, so no Myth 101 will be possible.  Still looking forward to seeing people there for other gaming events.


MidSouthCon – March 21-23

Although the base game will be in my hands at this time, I won’t likely have time to have everything painted, and won’t likely have the expanded items from the game.  I still believe that some Myth 101 and possibly Slaughterfield makes sense to get things going.


Origins Game Fair – June 12-16

This one is pretty expensive for me to get to, so I’m probably going to pass on Origins this year.  Although I will have everything, I won’t likely have everything painted, and won’t have playtested things for custom events.  With this so close to GenCon, I’m going to skip the travel expense.


GenCon – August 15-18

I’m still planning on going to GenCon this year.  However, I’m going to push back “Rings of Ia” for 2015.  I just think the painting and the playtesting to make sure custom elements are balanced won’t get enough attention with the shortened timeline.  Myth 101, Slaughterfield, and some “Rings of Ia” preview/playtest events might make sense.