MYTH Kickstarter has ended


The MYTH kickstarter has ended, making just over 925k, and bringing in over 6000 backers.  I’d call that successful by any definition of the word.  After the MERCS team recovers from their celebratory libations…followed by recovering from needing additional libations as what they just got into sinks in, we are looking forward to seeing many updates on what is to come.

Like many others, I quickly became enthralled with the mechanics of the game along with the visual look of it.  We’ve only scratched the surface with what we’ve seen so far, but I’m really looking forward to seeing where this goes.

We have 7 months until January 2015 2014 hits, and we will finally see the whole game, but in the mean time, I plan to follow what pieces of news, rules, art, leaks, etc. we can get about the game.