8 Months has Gone by Fast

It’s been almost 9 months since the end of the Myth kickstarter, which also makes it 9 months that this site has been up.  I wanted to reflect a little bit on this Myth website in the period before Myth has even come out.

We’ve had over 1100 users sign up, and are approaching 8000 posts.  I have to say both those numbers are far beyond where I’d have imagined them when I decided I needed to get some forums up.

Evidently Heroquest is still in people’s minds.  A thread about HeroQuest and Advanced HeroQuest was the most read, with over 40,000!!! hits.  The most popular thread among Myth topics was Duncan’s Trickster Pledge Mini-Boss.  That was probably helped quite a bit by Duncan actually being an active participant, so I can’t thank him enough.  The next most popular was actually Questions for MERCS, which also got help by appearances from the MERCS team, who I also can’t thank enough for their support.

One user has spent over 8 days of his life on the forums.  No, he can’t have that time back.  Good thing he’s not only a good contributor, he’s also one of two people brought on to keep the piece (or more likely…to delete the spam that plagued the site a bit a few months back.)

So…where to we go from here…

Once Myth clears customs, this place should explode.  Game play.  Rules discussions.  Stories.  I expect to see things get even more busy around here.

As far as what the site is doing:

Contests – Voting for the first contest is underway at http://www.landsofmyth.com/Forum/index.php?topic=572.msg7829#msg7829.  Pick your favorite captions, to help someone win some additional Myth miniatures.  More contests will come in the future.

Mythwiki.org – I’ve registered Mythwiki.org, and have been getting things going.  Hopefully I can get a lot done for it while on planes the next couple weeks, and the work in progress can be found at www.landsofmyth/wiki/.  I hope that this will make for an easy way for people to access game information from rules to storylines, etc.  This is a big project, and although I hope to do a lot of the work, I hope some of the fans out there will become contributors as well to make the wiki the most complete place to get Myth information.