“Tuck Boxes” for your Myth Cards

Myth Tuck Boxes by CarelessOpossum

There have been a lot of great discussions and postings on the forums of this site, from rules questions, to posts from Mercs, to just casual discussion.  However, there is one post in particular that I want to highlight, especially with Myth shipping out this week.

CarelessOpossum has given us sample pictures in addition to the print files to make your own for boxes to hold all of your Myth Cards.  They are sized perfectly to keep all your characters separated, even having enough room for your items each character is carrying.  In addition there are card boxes for the darkness, items, and slaughterfield.

Like many others out there, I’ll be doing a set myself, and I really want to make sure that CarelessOpossum’s excellent home made accessory to the game gets all the press it deserves.